Indian Hair-Transplant Surgeon’s Interview

In this video, a leading hair transplant surgeon from India talks about his qualifications, experience and the various hair transplant procedures in which he is well-versed.

Following is the video narration:

“I am a consultant plastic surgeon, and I am an MCh—that is the post-graduateg degree in plastic surgery. And I have been in cosmetic plastic surgery exclusively for last 7 years and I have a large experience in reconstructive microsurgery as well. For the last about 5 years, we have been doing a lot of hair transplant. And before we do the latest FUE technique, which is the scarless, stichless and painless technique in hair transplant.

“I have trained in, I have gone to Detroit in USA for fellowship in cosmetic plastic surgery for one year, and I have also trained in buffalo under Dr Ian Jackson and Dr Kulwant Singh Bawa. I did my training in hair transplant surgery in Southfield, Michigan under Dr Tessler, and Dr Bill parsley in Kentucky, and I have also visited a couple of centers on observer-ship in Harley Street, London.

“I have been doing hair transplant for last almost 15 years, but exclusive hair transplant practice for the last about 2 years.

“I am one of the founder members and the board of governors of the association of hair restoration surgeons of India and I am the founder secretary. I am also on the global council of the international society of hair restoration surgeons, which is also an American hair restoration body. Then, I am on the board of governors also of the Association of Cosmetic Surgeons of India, also called the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

“Then, I am also on the board of governors of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. We have also founded a new society, which is in the process of registration. It is called the International Follicular Unit Extraction Society, and I have been elected as the founder secretary, and this society is going to be launched very soon.

“This society deals with minimally invasive hair transplant surgery and it is an international body. I am also the joint editor of the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery, which is the apex journal of plastic surgeons in India.”

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