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Immediate Load vs. Traditional Implants –Dental Surgeon in Cancun, Mexico

Wanting to get Immediate Load Implants in Cancun but not sure if you should go for Traditional Implants instead? Check out this video where Dr. Berrón, head dental surgeon at one of the top dental clinics in Cancun, Mexico, explains the basic difference between the two.


Video Transcription

“So, about immediately loading implants, statistically in the literature, they have the same success as the late-load implants. When do we do immediate loading? So, most of the time when we are doing the full arch, you place 4-5 ready implants in it. Most of the times, you can do an immediate load.

“The benefit of this is great because all patients have some remaining tissues when they come and of course, you are going to give them a set of regular dentures, they are going to be miserable for a while because getting used to something removable is not easy.

“So, in most of these case, what we do is that we check the teeth, we place the implants and we attach the prosthetics to those implants in the same appointment. This, of course, is temporary prosthetics and these prosthetics will be changed 4-6 months after that procedure has been done. 

“Part of the advantages of this is that the patient wants to walk out with a fixed set of teeth. They have to be careful though. For the first couple of weeks, they are going to be on a completely liquid diet and then a semi-solid diet for another 6 weeks. This is the protocol we need to follow to ensure that we won’t be jeopardizing those implants.

“And then, after that they go back to regular lives. And then, as I said, after 4-6 months they come back and get their final prosthetics. So, it’s in the second trip. And then, we can change the prosthetics for the final prosthetics.

“There is always a difference between the temporary prosthetics and the final one. The temporary prosthetics is made all over of acrylic completely because we have to complete it at the time of surgery. When we do the final prosthetics, this final prosthetics has a sub-structure that is holding to the implants and is wrapped up either in porcelain or acrylic, depending on the case and depending how the patient looks.

“For single implants, for example, in the anterior segment we always do the immediate load, when it is possible because we need to assess and make sure that the patient is a candidate for that with a CT scan.

“If the patient is a candidate, the best way to be sure of those tissues is to do an immediate load because once you place the implants at the time of the extraction, you will create a temporary form of teeth and this will help to preserve the tissues, both boney and soft tissues, in a perfect way. That will, of course, enhance the aesthetics of this restoration. And the anterior segment is something that is indispensable. You have to have the aesthetics.

Some patients have a low smile line, and they won’t show but still, you want something that is matching a little bit with the natural teeth and that is the way to go with it.  And again, we start with loading the single implants, we will do that temporary and that will be acrylic again. But a few months later, like 6 months later, you change that for porcelain crowns.”

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