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Hysterectomy Surgery in Mexico

Hysterectomy surgery in Mexico is gaining popularity as costs in the U.S. and other developed countries continue to increase, and prices go beyond the means of the average earner. If you cannot afford the procedure but need it done, you can look for cheap hysterectomy abroad. One of the countries that offer the procedure as part of its medical tourism industry is Mexico.

Hysterectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the uterus, is an oft-sought process by many women across the globe. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 20 million women (mostly 40 to 44 years of age) from the U.S. alone have undergone the procedure.

Hysterectomy Surgery - Mexico

Advantages of Getting Hysterectomy in Mexico

  • Like the other processes offered in the country, hysterectomy in Mexico is conducted by medical professionals with training in the United States or other developed nations. Check out this video of a gynecologist and obstetrician in Mexicali, Mexico.
  • Many private hospitals in Mexico have advanced equipment, and very experienced surgeons.
  • Mexico is very close to the United States, and relatively close to Canada compared to other countries that offer affordable hysterectomy.
  • If you’re from the United States, you might not even have to travel by air – just cross the border by land to and from the country depending on where you’re from.
  • If you do have to travel by air, there’s no shortage of flights going to Mexico. You would need a visa, though, as you might have to stay for more than 72 hours.

  • Since hysterectomy is an invasive procedure, you might have to stay in Mexico for a while. But if you’re from North America, it would be easier (and cheaper) to take a loved one with you so someone can attend to you while you recover.
  • There might be some language barrier when talking to other people, but medical professionals in Mexico can speak English.

Cost of Hysterectomy in Mexico

  • Costs of hysterectomy in Mexico could easily be within your budget, as it far lesser compared to costs in the United States.
  • The total costs you’d spend depend on factors that include the hospital and medical professionals you choose.
  • Costs for the surgery itself would depend on the type of hysterectomy you’re getting – either complete or partial removal of the uterus.
  • Yes, costs of hysterectomy in Mexico are affordable, but don’t forget to factor in expenditures for extracurricular activities especially if you’re also holidaying!
  • Low-cost hysterectomy packages that include other expenses such as transportation exist.


Fibroid Uterus Treatment in Mexico

  • According to the U.S. Department of Health’s web site, 20 to 80 percent of women age 50 and above develop fibroids in their uterus.
  • One of the options for fibroid uterus treatment in Mexico is hysterectomy.
  • If you have fibroids, and you’ve been suffering from various symptoms including heavy bleeding and pain, know that surgery for hysterectomy in Mexico is safe. It also won’t leave your wallet empty.

Before and After Hysterectomy in Mexico

  • Make sure to check with your country’s Mexican embassy on what papers you need to enter and exit the country.
  • If you’re going straight on a holiday after getting surgery for hysterectomy in Mexico, know that the country has numerous offerings in that regard.
  • Tourist spots depend on which part of Mexico you go, but there are many world-famous beaches, cathedrals and churches, and even tombs and pyramids you can visit.

If you live in close proximity to the country, hysterectomy in Mexico could be the most affordable choice you have.

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