The video describes the history, infrastructure, ease of access, and procedures at Hospital Nova in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Hospital Nova, Tijuana, Mexico

“This hospital, which its began operations on August 18th, 1995, is only about five minutes from the US-Mexico border crossing. Tijuana is a pulsating city bordering San Ysidero. It is around 17 miles from San Diego, California making it a logistically viable destination for Americans.”

“The hospital is a completely integrated medical facility with well-appointed patient rooms, having a bed and a chair for one accompanying guest.

It has its own pharmacy, an adult intensive care unit serviced by a nurse specialist, well-equipped emergency rooms, 24 hour X-Rays, and an in-house lab. The hospital provides quality medical care at a fraction of the prices charged in the US.

It has round the clock on-duty doctors and nurses to care of emergencies. Language barriers are minimal as the hospital has English speaking staff. For the patient safety, the hospital has security guards and the camera surveillance system.

Moreover, the hospital is situated in upscale and safe area in Tijuana, just at stone throw away from the border in the midst of business houses and big malls.”

“The hospital with specialties such as laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and endoscopy, and radiology, among others, endeavors to fulfil its vision to be the foremost facility in the region providing quality care to its patients in conjunction with a dedicated team of competent medical professionals.”

Hospital Nova in Tijuana aims at becoming the driving force behind medical tourism in Mexico. By engaging and nurturing only the best mexican doctors, the dream may get realized in near future.

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