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Hernia Treatment in Las Vegas, USA

In this video, a renowned surgeon from Las Vegas talks about hernia Treatment in the hospital.

The surgeon talks about four types of hernias i.e. inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional or ventral hernia and hiatal hernia.

Check out the video where the surgeon explains the individual procedures to treat different types of hernias mentioned above.

Video Narration of Hernia Surgeon

“I am Bariatric and general surgeon.  I completed fellowship at USC in advanced laparoscopic surgery.  We address a lot of complicated general surgeries such as complicated hernias and also complicated gall bladder disease.  Although most of my practice is in bariatrics but I still do these procedures.

Ok, in Inguinal hernia is another hernia where there is a hole with something coming out of it.  So for example if there is a hole in the wall and some insulation is coming out of it, that’s a hernia.  Inguinal hernia happens in groins.  Its most common in men and usually results in a growing bulge and can be quite painful.  They are fixed commonly either open with a small incision or laparoscopic and they are fixed using mesh.  The mesh covers the hole and the body scars in over the mesh and makes a nice solid repair.

Umbilical hernia is the hernia if you see If someone has a little bulge at the belly button, that’s umbilical hernia.  It happens because there is defect that is naturally accruing and for some people that defect opens too wide and the stuff starts to bulge out. The repair for the hernia is to put the stuff back inside, clean off the edges and cover up with mesh.  So that would be a mesh repair for umbilical hernia.  They are usually very straight forward to fix and people get great satisfaction after doing so.

Ventral hernia is long in front of the belly.  Commonly they arise if there are cuts along the front of the belly. So if someone had a big operational cut down in the middle, they would have Ventral hernia. And there can be just one hernia or there can be multiple hernias.  For example I had a lady this morning who had a big cut up and down and she had two or three hernias out there.  So, Ventral hernias, they are fixed by closing the holes.  If the holes are very small, they can be sown up and closed.  If the holes are bigger than a centimeter or so, than its time to use mesh and put some mesh in there which just looks like a screen material, plastic screen material, covered up and let the body scared in a form a nice solid repair.

Hiatal hernia are interesting because lot of people have them and they don’t know about them.  A lot of people have been told that they have them.  When they become important when they have problems.  What sought of problems does hiatal hernias give you.  They give you heart burn, bad heart burn, occasional pains in that area, right a ball, right here at the bottom of the chest and when you are having those problems, its right to fix the hiatal hernia.  A hiatal hernia is the hole in the diaphragm that’s too big. And this hole is too big around the esophagus and what happens is, stuff from the abdomen belly goes up into the chest.  So you have stomach actually stuck up into the chest.  The stomach needs to be brought down, realized, cleaned up and brought down into the belly and the hole needs to be closed up.  If it is a small hole we can close it up with couple of stiches and that usually prevents it from reoccurring.  If it’s a very very large one we occasionally use the plastic or a mesh to form a nice solid repair and keep the division between the belly and the chest.”

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