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Hair Restoration Clinic in Chandigarh India

This video shows a cosmetic surgeon from the leading restoration clinic in Chandigarh, India talking about his education, experience and the hair transplant techniques offered at his clinic.

He explains follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplant (FUT), and follicular unit enhancement technique (FLUTE).

Following is the video narration.

“I am a consultant plastic surgeon and I am an MCH that is the post graduate degree in plastic surgery.

Gone to Detroit in USA for a fellowship in cosmetic plastic surgery for one year and I am also trained in Buffalo under Dr. Ian Jackson and Dr. Kulwant Singh.

See the commonest cause of hair loss today is due to stress compounded by the presence of the male pattern baldness gene. For the last about five years we have been doing a lot of hair transplant and for it we do the latest FUE technique which is the scarless, stitchless and painless technique in the hair transplant.

FUT is the gold standard. There is a strip method which is the gold standard of hair transplant and world over maximum number of surgeons have been doing and are doing follicular hair transplant using strip method.

Follicular unit enhancement technique is when you use follicular unit transfer by the strip technique and then enhance the number of grafts which are available due to FUE procedure in addition. So this increases the number of grafts per session by upto about forty to fifty percent.

For international patients at my centre we give them a letter which will facilitate them in getting a medical visa. Then when they come here, we book their cabs which will pick them up from the airport either from Delhi airport or from Chandigarh airport. And then we also arrange their accommodation and in case if they require any other help which we are free to give. When the clients come here they have to register with the FRRO office that is the foreign residence registration office in Chandigarh, which we also facilitate.”

Low cost of hair transplant surgery, cutting edge technology and well qualified cosmetic surgeons draw many foreign patients to this hair transplant centre in Chandigarh, India.

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