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Global Obesity Population At A Glance

As per the Overseas Development Institute, the overweight and obese population in the developed countries of the world has increased four times to 1 billion from 1980. Also, on a worldwide basis, the percentage of adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or more (who are classified as overweight) increased to 34% in 2008 from 23% in 1980.

Obesity Percentage Worldwide
The reason cited for the rise in “globesity” in the affluent countries is greater consumption of meat, sugar, and fats. The United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Mexico are the largest consumers of sugar in the world. Correspondingly, more than 70% of the adult American population and 65% of the Mexican population is obese.

With waistlines increasing unhealthily, people need to take stock of their diet and lifestyle and make serious changes to them. And when diet control and exercise regimen fail to help them combat obesity, bariatric surgery can come to their rescue. Also known as weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery makes changes to the capacity of the stomach to hold food and also alters our digestive system, the combination of which helps banish stubborn obesity.

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