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Gastric Sleeve Costa Rica experience of Glenda Moore, from Dallas, Texas. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated Glenda’s low cost sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Costa Rica. For more, watch video interview. To start video, scroll below and click play button.


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Glenda Moore: I’m Glenda Moore and I’m from Texas and I’m making this tape in the view that [it] might [help in the] future people who’re interested in doing what I’ve done. My weight, I’ve been on diet since I was 13 so it’s been a constant thing all my life.

My blood pressure started to be a problem, my breathing became a problem, and I decided to go this way out. And I really studied it for a couple of years before I made my decision. I wanted to make sure if this is really what I wanted to do. I knew my responsibilities, I had read all I could on it.

And so then I began search and look for a place. Costa Rica came to my mind because I grew up in Panama. And I had good memories and that’s how it came about.

I had responses right away, mostly by email I guess to begin with Everything was pretty immediate. And I received phone calls from the company [Medical Tourism Corporation]. So the communication was really excellent from the beginning.

The flight, I was surprised looking at the map it was really far away. We flew for three-and-a-half hours from Dallas DFW to Houston and from there to San Jose, Costa Rica. The escorts we had to the hospital from the hotel and then to the room, wherever we were we had someone with us.

And it helped. I know a bit of the language. I can speak a little Spanish and for some reason I didn’t even try [laughs]. I was hosted so well. There was always someone with me. But what I really appreciated, everyone was very courteous, and very clear if they wanted to let me know about something. So it’s very good communication.

Then my husband was with me and they included him a lot and that was very nice you know and they called him by his first name David. So it was a very professional team and yet they were very considerate. So they were personal yet they were professional.

[There was a ] good view [from my room]. I could see outside. It was just very quiet and that was very good and I didn’t have anyone in the room with me and David stayed with me there. He was very comfortable with the suite.

The suite was – oh my, I’ve never really experienced anything like it.

I don’t really remember having a lot of pain. It was different with the eating and drinking,

It’s just four weeks since the surgery. And I don’t want to get on a scale yet, because I’d like to savor my surprises. So I’m going to wait as long as I can but I’ve gone down three pant sizes. I feel so good.

Before I felt so heavy in my arms I would always have a sweater over, something to cover me up. Yesterday was the first day I went without any sweaters, I just had my slacks and my top.

My blood pressure is normal and that was almost immediate. Just normal! And I feel so good, my sleep is really deep. I just know I took a very good decision to go over there and I think the doctor and I think everyone has just saved my life.

So if you’re overweight and if you have health problems, I think it [gastric sleeve in Costa Rica]’s a very good choice.

David Moore: The hospital is just very professional and anything you ask of them – they’ll do it very well. There’s always somebody at the nursing station all the time. If you ask for something they’d do it very quickly. The people spoke English and even if they didn’t speak English they got someone very quickly, they could.

Glenda likes air circulation and I asked if we could get a fan. I asked the lady at the desk, and she said, ‘I’ll see what I can do.’ I went down to get something to eat and by the time I was back, the fan was there. Glenda likes that. They were very attentive, you just push the button for help, and here comes somebody who wants to know what you need.

The doctors are very easy to talk to, they’d explain everything.

Glenda Moore: Talking about Medical Tourism [Corporation], when we arrived in Costa Rica, they were there with a sign and they just took us under their wing. They were there through all the days with me there. Someone I could call my host. They were right there with us, it was just so really good, so really good.

David Moore: You went above and beyond what one’s expected to do. Just very very helpful. I can see the difference in Glenda already. She’s been losing weight, she’s feeling better. She used to feel so hot all the time because of the excess weight and such. Now, gosh, she feels more comfortable, even easier to get along with it! [Laughs.]

Glenda Moore: Don’t be afraid to to take information and look into it and do something about it. [You will] spend the rest of your life just feeling awful. And maybe not even living a long life because of your health problems. Take time to check out Medical Tourism [Corporation].

I love animals, I did get to go to the zoo before surgery and do somethings. And when I told the doctor I wanted to do this, this, and this after surgery, he said, ‘No, no, no, no. You’re not going anywhere. You need to be very careful, it’s a major surgery and we need to watch you and on the this day, on Sunday you could go.’

And we made plans to go to the volcano. And it was good. A 3-hour trip. And it was beautiful, I love flowers and we took pictures of flowers. You could see the lava coming out from the volcano. There was a beautiful hotel over there, open your window and you can see the volcano there. It was overcast but it was really beautiful.

I really wasn’t expecting anything, I wasn’t into seeing lava coming out, you know, but I did want to see the beautiful mountain. The only other couple there were from Texas too, and we could not believe it.”

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