GiGi’s Bariatric Surgery Experience in Tijuana, Mexico

Watch GiGi’s video testimonial on lap band in Tijuana, Baja California.


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Video Transcription

On her bariatric surgery experience

“I recommended nearly 15 people to go and get the procedure with Dr. Gonzalez. And then there are other surgeries that even they have done. Not the lap band. And everybody is all so happy about it. It’s just the complete package and comfortable. It’s very nice to be able to find a great facility and it’s even better to find a perfect physician whom I think Dr. Gonzalez is.” 

On her initial apprehensions

“It took me one year for me to get myself and understand that this is truly the procedure that I want to do because I have friends who have done the gastric bypass surgery which is a major surgery. And I know people who have done lap band. And then there was the whole controversy doing it in the United States and then going and doing it in TJ that I wasn’t very comfortable with. It is a controversy – you hear this and that. That’s why it took me a year to prepare myself.” 

On her bariatric surgeon

“Dr. Gonzalez is very popular in the United States – believe it or not. Dr. Gonzalez – you know it’s like when you – this is your life. And they are pretty prompt with their appointments. I must say. You know not unless Dr. Gonzalez is in surgery or something and that happens of course.” 

On Tijuana

“TJ doesn’t bother me. It’s actually we have fun. There is like four-five of us. We carpool together. We make a day out of it. We have fun in TJ and come back.”

On the facility

“The facility was also…I was very impressed with the facility ’cause again being in TJ you have these certain thoughts in your mind. You know its TJ and so but the facility was really nice. It was really clean and very modern and the nurses are great. And the night nurses are very, very attentive. I must say I have had surgery here in the States and I can say that the evening nurses in TJ are more attentive than my experience.”

On her decision 

“It is a lifestyle change and you need to be ready for it. You need to understand how it will affect you and how it will help you and how it affects your daily intake. And I was ready for it, after learning everything, doing a lot of research. Actually talked to Dr. Gonzalez for nearly an hour and he was like surprised – “how did you have all these questions for me?”  But he passed the test. He passed my test.

“I am just very happy. And I am glad that I did it. And I don’t regret my decision.”  

Alternatively known as gastric band surgery, lap band is a reversible weight loss surgical procedure that involves dividing the stomach into two parts using a ring-like device (lap band). This restricts the food holding capacity of the stomach and makes one feel full after eating very small quantities of food.

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