Gastric Sleeve Patient Experience – Tijuana, Mexico

Raydel Carabello talks of his gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mx. Traveling all the way from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, United States, Raydel recommends Medical Tourism Corp for anyone considering gastric sleeve surgery in the Mexican border town.



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Video Transcription:

Hi there! My name is Raydel. And I chose Medical tourism Corp to have my procedure done in Tijuana, Mexico. Since I arrived it’s been nothing but good…It’s been a great experience. It’s very awesome. The city is very nice actually. very safe. I found nothing uncomfortable while I’ve been here. Everyone has been wonderful.

The clinic has been super. Everyone has been very polite, very nice. Everything is very very clean. I was a little reluctant first but I definitely made the right choice and I am extremely happy with my decision. And only good things from here on! I recommend anyone who is looking to get the procedure done to definitely look into Medical Tourism Corp and check them out because it is worth it. And the experience has been great. I am extremely happy.

Because of its proximity to the United States, Tijuana can be a suitable destination for medical tourists seeking gastric sleeve that costs substantially lower than the standard US prices. The Mexican border city is just 17 miles from San Diego in California and has been receiving positive reviews. Check out another patient review of vertical gastric sleeve in TJ by a Californian who is all praise for his experience.

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