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Bariatric Surgery Cost Abroad: Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Australia

The average cost of bariatric surgery is quite high in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Medical tourism is a pocket-friendly solution for people who can’t afford the self-pay price of the procedure in their home country.

Bariatric surgery in Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and India is a cost-effective weight loss surgery tool. These countries can also be looked into by people who lack insurance coverage for the bariatric procedure.

The health benefits of gastric bypass outweigh its cost.

How Much Bariatric Surgery Costs Abroad?

The prices depend on the experience of the doctor and the location. A two-hour gastric bypass surgery in Las Vegas, United States costs $15,500. The cost of bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve, lap band gastric bypass in Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and India is much lower.

Following are some weight loss surgery price quotes around the world:

CountryGastric BypassGastric Sleeve
United States$15,500$12,500
United Kingdom$14,500$11,800
New Zealand$15,000$13,365
Costa Rica$11,000$9,600

WLS Abroad: Package Price Inclusions

Typical price inclusions for our bariatric surgery package abroad for Mexico, India, and the United States (Las Vegas) are listed below:

Price InclusionsMexicoIndiaUSA
Surgeon’s feeYesYes Yes
Hospital chargesYesYes Yes
Hospital stayYesYesOutpatient
Hotel stayYesYes –
US-RD diet prog.YesYesYes
Lab workYesYes –
Phone calls & Wi-FiYesYesYes
Companion stayYesYes
Companion mealsYesYes
Airport pick-upYesYes
Support groupYesYesYes

What May Result in Additional Charges?


  • Airfare
  • Extra medication or an additional hospital stay
  • Discovery of a hiatal hernia during surgery
  • A body mass index (BMI) exceeding 50*, which requires a longer OT time and anesthesia, and extra hospital stay

(*People with a BMI of 40 or more are morbidly obese.)


  • Airfare
  • All expenses for stay beyond the package period
  • Professional charges of other consultants
  • Any other additional procedure
  • Use of special drugs/consumables
  • Blood and blood products
  • CT/MRI or any other complex lab investigations


  • Airfare
  • Pre-operative labs, EKG and surgical clearance*
  • Post-operative prescription medicines
  • Hotel
  • Protein shakes & vitamins

(*Usually covered by insurance)

Other Costs to Consider

If you choose medical tourism for bariatric surgery abroad, make sure you factor in the following too:

  • Additional travel expenses
  • Hotel stay not covered by the package
  • Meals not part of the package
  • Expenses related to the accompanying guest (please note we offer free stay for one guest in Mexico)
  • Visa and passport costs, if applicable
  • Currency fluctuations
Bariatric Surgery Abroad + Travel Expenses Less Than Surgery Price at Home? Go for medical tourism!

Let’s decode the above equation. Rule of thumb is that if the cost of bariatric surgery abroad along with the travel expenses is lower than the price quoted by your local surgeons and hospitals, then you should go for medical tourism.

Factors affecting the cost of gastric bypass in a medical tourism destination are:

  • Cost of living in the desired destination
  • The extent of competition among the local bariatric surgery providers
  • The reputation of the weight loss surgeon
  • The chosen hospital or surgery center

How to Pay for Bariatric Surgery Without Insurance

Not every health insurance policy covers the procedure. Insurance companies don’t pay for gastric bypass unless they deem it medically necessary.

You will have to check if your provider offers insurance coverage for it.

Some of the ways to finance gastric bypass in the absence of gastric bypass coverage are:

Medical Tourism for Self-pay Surgery

In case your insurance doesn’t offer coverage, you may consider medical tourism.

We facilitate gastric bypass in all the leading medical tourism destinations around the world. Click here for a free price estimate.

Personal Crowdfunding

It is a way to raise funds for a particular problem using the Internet. Crowdfunding sites are a ready platform for online fundraising for surgery.

Generally, people respond with generous donations. That’s because they prefer lending a helping hand directly rather than through a non-profit.

Popular crowdfunding sites for raising funds for surgery: GoFundMe, GiveForward, and FundRazr.


It refers to the phenomenon of replacing a previous loan with a new credit for the surgery. It utilizes the same collateral as used in the old debt. It involves revision of the monthly instalment payment plans.

The new payment plans will be based on the new interest rate and the amount borrowed. Here is a detailed read on refinancing for weight loss surgery.

Money Pooling

It involves bringing together a bunch of people who pool in part of their income for a specific cause. All the members of the pool agree to a pre-defined payment period. They take turns receiving the lump sum.

Loans from Friends and Family

Another option is to take an informal loan from friends or family. One can avail such loans without extensive paperwork.


  • A CareCredit card can come in handy if you have high deductibles. It also helps with high fixed out-of-pocket payments or co-insurance.
  • You can also utilize it for surgeries not covered by your insurance plan.
  • This healthcare credit card only covers bariatric surgeons and facilities in the United States.
  • For a procedure costing $2,500 or more, financing plans with a tenure between two and six years are available.

Is Bariatric Surgery Covered by Medicaid??

Not all state Medicaid programs cover gastric bypass surgery. Montana and Mississippi are the two states which don’t give coverage. The Medicaid program helps the low-income group people irrespective of their age.

Medicare is an insurance program covering people aged above 65 years. The program does not consider income levels. To qualify for Medicare, the candidate should choose to have weight loss surgery at a bariatric center of excellence only.

Self-Pay Bariatric Surgery Financing in Australia

Popular routes to finance weight loss surgery costs in Australia in case one does not have private insurance are:

Medical Financing Through MacCredit

  • MacCredit offers custom payment plans for different budgets.
  • It offers both fixed and variable interest rates.
  • Their payment plans start from $4,000.
  • They do not charge any fee upfront.
  • To apply, you will need to submit a proof of income (two recent pay slips for the employed or tax returns for the last two years for the self-employed).
  • The interest rate would depend on your credit rating. In general, their interest rates are quite competitive.
  • Usually, loan approvals take 24-48 hours after the receipt of the necessary documents.


  • Through MediPay one can borrow sums between AUD 2,001 and AUD 30,000.
  • Borrowers can make repayments on a fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • The payment plans are for a maximum of four years.
  • MediPay pays fund to the doctors and hospitals directly.

Early Release of Superannuation

You may apply to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for accessing retirement funds for bariatric surgery. Early withdrawal of super for weight loss surgery is allowed on compassionate medical grounds.

To qualify, you will be needing two letters of recommendation: one from a registered medical specialist and the other from a medical specialist/practitioner advising bariatric surgery.

The two letters should not be more than six months old at the time you apply for the release of funds. You can visit the official website of the Australian Taxation Office for more information.

Self-Pay Bariatric Surgery Financing in New Zealand

Usually, insurance providers partially fund weight loss surgeries in New Zealand. A way to go about financing bariatric surgery in the absence of private insurance are:

Nova Medical Finance

  • It is the only medical loan provider in New Zealand.
  • It provides unsecured loans at low interest rates.
  • A clean credit history is a pre-requisite.
  • In case of bad credit, you will have to repay the default amount on credit card before you can apply for a medical loan.

Public Funded Bariatric Surgery

  • In New Zealand, the public health system also pays for a specific number of weight loss surgeries in people aged between the ages 18 and 65 years.
  • The system is designed to help people in dire need of bariatric surgery.
  • Your doctor will refer you to the respective District Health Board (DHB) for bariatric surgery.
  • A bariatric surgeon will assess you to determine if you are indeed a candidate for weight loss surgery.
  • The Ministry of Health uses a prioritization tool to identify who would stand to gain the most out the surgery. The tool will give you a rank relative to other people considering bariatric surgery through public funding.
  • If you have a high rank and are considered suitable for surgery, a committee of experts will review your medical records and take a decision.
  • If your application is successful, your surgery will be arranged by a local bariatric provider.
  • A drawback of this system is the long wait times.

How MTC can Help You

  • We offer all-inclusive weight loss packages at carefully screened accredited facilities abroad.
  • Our aim is to give people in financial distress easy access to pocket-friendly WLS.
  • We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ ranked US corporation. Our negotiated prices ensure you get quality care for just a fraction of the US costs.
  • Patient satisfaction and top-notch post-op care form the core of our philosophy.
  • We believe in transparent pricing. For an instant quote in your inbox, fill the contact form.
  • We’ve helped thousands of people get access to bariatric surgery since 2007. Check out our client ratings and reviews.
  • We can help you with flexible-payment plans and loans in case you can’t afford cash-pay surgery.
  • We offer medical tourism complications cover in case of a surgery-related problem later.
  • Our panel includes board-certified bariatric surgeons.

A Complete Medical Tourism Experience Abroad

  • We provide you high user-value information on having surgery in the destination of your choice.
  • We coordinate between you and your bariatric surgeon abroad.
  • We assist in the entire process.
  • We make arrangements for stay and local transfers.
  • We also arrange for video calls with the surgeon if desired.

Bariatric Surgery Abroad: Reviews and Testimonials

Check out a client from Washington who chose to have gastric bypass in Tijuana. She did so as her insurance didn’t cover the procedure in the United States.

I found Medical Tourism Co. when I was looking online for gastric bypass.

“My insurance in the States wouldn’t cover it. They wouldn’t cover anything! ”

Another client, Terinda, came down from Washington state to Mexico for surgery. She wanted to escape the high deductibles back in the USA.

I have a very high deductible insurance. I priced it out and found that the cost of receiving bariatric surgery in Mexico was much lower.

“I also found that it was 99% less complicated than going through my insurance company. So, I vetted the company and decided to go with MTC.

Marilyn, another client, cited the high price tag in the USA as a deciding factor.

Cost was a major factor. I checked other companies as well. It just seemed that this one (MTC) had better ratings and comparisons than the others.

“I was comforted by knowing that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) had given it an A+ rating.

Brian is a New Orleans resident who came down to Mexico for bariatric surgery primarily because of the cost difference.

I had minimum options in America for my budget. My insurance had an exclusion. And I would pocket around $11,000 to $15,000.

“So I looked up Medical Tourism Corporation. And I took a chance,” shares Brian.

Adrienne from Lousiana took up the medical tourism route to circumvent the high surgery costs back home.

The price in Mexico was one-third of what it would be at home. I felt that the doctors were equally qualified. The experience was more personal.

I will recommend it to my friends. I would recommend them that they do it the same way. It was easy and it was panic free.

Malia came down to Mexico on the recommendation of a friend. She was looking for weight loss surgery in the United States. But soon discovered that her insurance won’t cover bariatric surgery. That’s when she got hold of MTC.

Her journey began with exchanging a series of emails with the company case managers. She got prompt answers to all her questions. She also joined the free online support group moderated by our WLS experts.

That paved the way for her surgery away from home in a medical tourism destination.

What are the Advantages of Bariatric Surgery?

  • Weight loss surgery results in better self-esteem and overall quality of life.
  • It also causes a reversal of life-threatening diseases, such as:
    • Type II diabetes
    • Sleep apnea
    • Arthritis
    • Abnormal cholesterol
    • Breathing troubles
    • Acid reflux
    • Heart disease

Other Things You Need to Know

  • The success of the procedure depends on the changes in eating habits after surgery.
  • Exercising regularly after weight loss surgery is also recommended and helps patients lose weight more rapidly. Not following the doctors’ post-surgery instructions might result in no or minimal benefits.
Minimally invasive bariatric surgery done laparoscopically speeds up recovery and reduces pain.
  • Some people may require plastic surgery to treat droopy skin from losing weight. They may have to undergo plastic surgery a year or more after having the gastric bypass.
  • According to the ASMBS, weight loss surgery results in a loss of 60 to 80% of excess weight.
  • One can be back to work in about three to six weeks after the surgery.

When diet and exercise and weight loss pills fail, one can consider surgical weight loss procedures. Contact us now for free pricing of cheap bariatric surgery in Mexico, India, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

*Please review our full disclaimers, Terms & Conditions and, Health Privacy & Confidentiality Statement. Individual results may vary. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA or any medical professional.

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