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Duodenal Switch Surgery in Belgium

Duodenal switch surgery in Belgium is available at low cost – perfect for people looking to lose weight without having to spend lots of money. Recommended for morbidly obese patients, this procedure can be very expensive in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Some people opt to get duodenal switch surgery abroad, so they can combine an affordable medical trip with the chance to holiday in amazing destinations like Belgium.

Duodenal Switch Surgery - Belgium

Combating Obesity with Duodenal Switch Surgery

Obesity undoubtedly poses a lot of health risks to people. The Health and Social Care Information Center of the UK estimates that in 2009 in England, obese adults (men and women 16 years and older) had more chances of having high blood pressure than those with normal weight. Of those considered obese, 51% of men and 46% of women had high blood pressure, compared to just 20% of men and 15% of women in the normal weight range.

Duodenal switch is also called biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, or BPD-DS. It involves cutting a large part of the stomach, resulting in a tube that is similar in shape to a banana. A portion of the small intestine is then rerouted, creating two pathways that cause the malabsorptive effects of the procedure. It is one of the many procedures you can get, when seeking obesity surgery in Belgium.

However, there are certain guidelines for who can receive this procedure. Although qualification for the surgery still depends on the surgeon’s decision, here are some considerations:

  • Having a BMI of 50 or more
  • Having been morbidly obese for 5 years or more
  • No history of substance abuse, especially alcohol
  • Of sound mind and no psychiatric issues in medical history
  • Aged 18 to 65 years old

Cost of Duodenal Switch in Belgium

The cost of duodenal switch surgery in Belgium is very low compared to other countries in Europe and North America. By opting for weight loss surgery in Belgium one can expect to save thousands in treatment costs.

Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren - Belgium

Why Get DS Surgery in Belgium?

  • Affordable prices of bariatric surgery
  • Experienced and board certified bariatric surgeons whose services are widely sought-after by international patients. It is also common to find surgeons in Belgium who are members of multiple European medical associations.
  • Practically no waiting time for scheduling surgeries
  • Medical staff members who speak at least two languages including English, and a team dedicated to serving international patients
  • The hospital has advanced facilities and is equipped with the latest in medical technology that helps ensure safety and good results when you get DS, gastric band, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass in Belgium.

Traveling to Brussels, Belgium for BPD-DS

Here are some tips for those traveling to Belgium for duodenal switch surgery:

  • Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, and it accessible by train from most European countries. Eurostar, TVC, Thalys, and other trains arrive at least one of the main train stations in Brussels.
  • For those who want to travel by bus, Eurolines has buses whose routes connect many European countries to Brussels.
  • For those flying in to Belgium, the main airport is Brussels Airport (BRU). Budget airlines from Barcelona, Dublin, Rome, Belgrade, and other European cities also arrive in Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL).
  • Our network hospital in Belgium provides free airport pickups, and this extends to trips between the hospital and hotel too.
  • Languages spoken in Belgium are Dutch, French, and some German, but it is common for people in Belgium to understand and speak English well.
  • It can get very cold in the winter months and very warm during the summer, so pack accordingly. Even in the summer, it is advisable to bring a light wrap for cool nights and for colder temperatures in air-conditioned rooms.

When getting duodenal switch surgery in Belgium, you may want to allow some time before the surgery to visit some of the popular tourist sites in the country, which include Grand Place-Grote Markt, the Atomium, and the Palais de Justice. Don’t forget to visit the museums, as Belgium’s museums have impressive collections and wide varieties of displayed artworks.

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