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Dr Benjamin Valle, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Interview of Dr. Benjamin Valle, Dentist in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). He is the Director of UNIDENT and his clininc is located very close to Marina Vallarta Airport. Dr Benjamin’s teamis expert in endodoncy, periodoncy,orthodoncy, pediatric dental, oral surgery, implants, and dental cosmetics.

Transcript of Interview with Dr Benjamin Valle – Dentist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“My name is Dr. Benjamin Valle. I am the owner of this clinic called Unident Puerto Vallarta. We are a team of 7 dentists specializing in different areas. The dentist (Dr. Mario Garcia) for implants, he studied in Mexico City in university Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and specialized there also. He has been in or clinic from 10 years and performing Periodontology and dental Implants. Then Dr. Jean Claude he studied in the same university and has specialization in prosthetic dentistry.”

“From all our patients half our patients came from the States and Canada and rest from Puerto Vallarta. We have lots of recommendation of patients from US and Canada that the dentist are good, praises about the quality of the treatment and then they lot of money is saved as compared to US. We have digital X-rays causing 90% less radiation then normal x-rays. Also the water we use is purified water and another important thing is that we use a special machine that makes free bacteria air. And infection control, we sterilize all the instruments in steam sterilizer that is one of the best technologies to heat and kill all types of bacteria. Material we use is the best one manufactured in the States.”

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