This video shows a leading dentist from Tijuana, Mexico discussing his education and experience. He also briefs about the procedures he specializes in.

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Tijuana Dentist Interview

“I have been a dentist for 45 years. I graduated from the National … University of Mexico in 1967….May 17th, 1968. I have been practicing in Tijuana, I have 3 locations. Other people that work with me are dentists. I worked for medical dental insurance companies. I am a dental consultant for Mexico ….I am a provider for them.

I work mostly with insurances such as Metlife, Cigna, Signature Plan and several other companies, American insurance companies…Cigna. Mexican patients that, they have been here for many years. I work with a lot with unions. I worked with many years with iron workers.

I do prosthetics..oral rehabilitation in porcelain, fixed bridge work…total like full plates, we do partials, all kinds of partials….and we used flexible. Flexible such as megaflex, we used to do a lot with Valplast…because changes the colors. Megaflex is a much better material…same like a full plate.”

Over the past few years, Tijuana has seen a rise in the number of medical tourists visiting the place for an affordable quality treatment, especially dental work.

Reasons that contribute to this rise include low treatment or surgery cost as compared to the west, highly skilled surgeons, good quality of care and no wait time. You may click here to know more on dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico.

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