Dental Bridges in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – Testimonial

Tijuana Dental Bridges testimonial by Gerald Stauss, he shares his experience of dental bridge work in Tijuana, Mexico.



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Dental Bridges & Crowns in Tijuana Testimonial

My name is Gerald Stauss and I come from Bansall California in San Diego County. I’m retired and I’m 69 years old.

I have been bridged and three crowns and cleaning and consultations and I’ve been here for the last couple of years and I’m very happy with it.

Fixed Partial Denture Tijuana – Travel Experience

Very courteous! They do speak English. Very professional and I like the facilities. But we have a system where it is very easy to cross the border. We drive to a parking lot on the other side of the border. We walked here initially. To stay in shape we walk here. It is very easy to walk. We turned and we take the Mexico to the border. It takes us to the end of the line and we have a fast exit into the United States from Mexico. And then the bus takes us over the bridge within 500 feet of our car where we have easy freeway access and we’re home in about an hour.

Dental clinic in Tijuana Experience

You get right into what is going on. You get to see your X-rays. You get to look at your X-rays. You get to see everything in your X-Rays. The facilities are very modern. The materials are very modern (Choice of dental bridges like cantilever bridges and resin bonded bridges). I’m very happy with that. Its kind of hands-on thing for me when I get to see my X-Ray, I get to look right in the computer. And he consults with me of what we are going to do. I like that.

Extremely confident! That’s why I use him over and over because he is so knowledgeable. Everything is up to date and modern – we like that!

I think the staff of the dental clinic here is very professional. I didn’t know there are a lot of dentists and help here. I wasn’t aware of that because I just use one dentist and I want to stay with him. It was larger than I thought it was because I don’t get to walk around here. Nice Facility!

I have been to dentists in United States. I had two that I was with and they were confident. But I am on a fixed income and retired and dental bridge price is so much reasonable here than it is there. That’s why I come here. (And as far as service) Yes, I think they are comparable.

In terms of safety, I personally feel that I have been coming to Tijuana for years and I haven’t encountered any problems here at all.

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