Dental Bridges in Patong, Thailand – Patient Testimonial

In this video, Dieter discusses his experience of getting dental bridges in Patong, Thailand. He seems so impressed with the work of Thai Dentists that he is already planning to return next year.

Check out the video where he discussed the whole experience:

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Following is the Video Narration

“My name is Dieter and the reason I come to Phuket was first of all we have to attend a wedding and on the internet I look for accommodations, so I come across this clinic and read about more details of the clinic, what they doing, and it gave me a positive thing and so I was interesting to look into it and I’m happy I came here and done my bridge and everything went fine, and in only 2 days everything was done. So I’m happy and I’m thinking about coming back maybe next year if our veneers erupting and I’d like to do some more things in this clinic.

Thank you very much; was a pleasure to meet ya. Thank you. (sic)”

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