In this video, a renowned radiation oncologist from Turkey talks about his specialization in radiation therapy in combination with hyperthermia using IMRT and cyber knife in Turkey.

The Surgeon has completed his residency partially from Turkey and United States.  He has done his fellowship from Pennsylvania University.  In addition to this, he is a founder of an oncology center in Turkey.

Check out this video of the surgeon where he talks about his education and experience along with the multidisciplinary approach in the hospital for treatment of patient.

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“I completed my residency partially in Turkey and States. Then I did my fellowship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania … university. I spent about five and a half years. I worked especially on radiation therapy in combination with hyperthermia. After coming back to Turkey, I was the founder of oncology centre in …..I spent three years there as a chairman.

I have published numerous papers in combination of radiation therapy and hyperthermia in the states and recently we have published many papers again about cyber knife and IMRT applications.

We have a multidisciplinary approach in our hospital. We take all patients….group of specialists and we have very high technology in terms of radiation oncology. We have been using cyberknife and IMRT from six years. Our cyberknife installation was fourth in Europe at that time and I can easily say that we are one of the most experienced groups in Europe at the moment for cyberknife.

We also have a great experience in IMRT that is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. We have been using most sophisticated techniques.

In field of oncology there are two main treatment modalities- one is surgery, the other one is chemotherapy and third one is radiation therapy. Almost sixty percent of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy during that period. IMRT and cyberknife are two most sophisticated techniques in radiation oncology.

IMRT that is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy give very high dose to the tumor region while minimizing doses to the nearby organs and tissues. Same methodology is valid for cyberknife too. Cyberknife is a combination of ….. accelerated that is  ….in radiation with a robotic arm.

Robot can move around the patient and can give radiation from very different angles. So in general we use about 200 different means in every session with cyberknife that means we can concentrate on tumorous region and those radiations to also nearby organs and tissues is really minimal.”

The surgeon in the video talks about the use of sophisticated techniques for treatment of the patients and explains the multidisciplinary approach adopted by the hospital, which is taken care of by a group of specialists.

The radiation oncologist considers his group as one of the most experienced groups in Europe for cyberknife treatment.  Therefore, Patients from different international destinations come to Turkey for quality cyberknife treatment at affordable cost.

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