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Costa Rica Dentist on his Experience and Expertise

The video shows a leading prosthodontist discussing his education, experience, and the different procedures that he specializes in.

Video Narration

“I’m a prosthodentist in Costa Rica. Our office was founded around 6 years ago. We are a team of specialists in Costa Rica. We’ve been dedicated to dental tourism, medical tourism for last 5 years. We’ve been treating patients from United States, Canada and Europe during those periods of time.

We have recently gained the accreditation from the quad ASF which brings our quality of services anywhere from the civilization to the quality of service that we give to our patients. We handle our patients’ information in a private manner etc. and that’s been up to American standards by the certification that we just received.

Basically, we perform everything that dentistry has to offer because we have a full staff of dental specialists in our office. Some of these procedures, for example, will be anywhere from the basic crown, we offer crowns in different types. We offer the basic, person if used to metal crown to high noble metal, we also offer full porcelain, that has no metal in it, which is provides a high quality of prosthetics and now the most modern material in dentistry that we use is called zirconium which has both the advantages of porcelain and metal being that it is highly resistant to fracture but it also has no metal in it, so it’s got the appropriate aesthetic quality that we want from the material.

We are also doing, so anywhere from the individual crown to full set of crowns to full naturalization of…crowns. We are also offering porcelain veneers which is ultimate cosmetic procedure that we can offer to our patients, it is very conservative. We can do a great amount of changes in …We’re also providing dental implants, where part of my staff…he will handle all the surgical procedures in planning with me that I will handle all the restorative process.

We do anywhere from individual implant to replacement of one single tooth that’s been missing or needs to be extracted. Anywhere from a full mouth restoration, it can be one jaw or upper or lower or both jaws. Different prosthetic options that we have, anywhere from a removable denture that will require four implants to a fixed bridge…”

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