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Is Cosmetic Dentistry in Cancun,

Mexico Value for Money?

The paradigm is shifting. People from the US, Canada, and Europe – once strongholds of world-class but expensive medical care – are now traveling to countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, India, etc. to avail dental treatments that are way too expensive in their local healthcare systems.

This article intends to answer your questions about cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico, and shed more light on the ‘worthiness’ of traveling to Mexico for dental work.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery - Cancun - Mexico

5 Irresistible Reasons to go for Smile Enhancement in Cancun, Mexico

1. Rock-bottom Price

Of all reasons, the cost of smile enhancement in Cancun is the major driving factor for most patients. Expect cost savings of up to 70% of the total cost incurred in the US. Taking into account the proximity of Cancun to the US and absence of insurance for cosmetic dentistry in the stateside, crossing borders makes a lot of sense. And what’s more, you would be left with a lot of dough despite splurging like a king on a Cancun vacation.  You can claim your free quote here.

2. Experienced Dentists

‘Feel good’ dentistry – or dentistry for cosmetic reasons – is more of an art which can only be as good as the artist himself. Many cosmetic dentists in Cancun hold enviable American degrees along with pivotal memberships in world renowned dental associations such as, American Dental Association. Be advised that not all cosmetic dentistry dentists in Cancun boast of impressive curriculum vitae as this dentist in Tijuana; you must insist on being informed about the dentist’s education and experience as well as the credentials of the dental facility s/he is associated with.

3. World-class Dental Facilities

Usually, patients traveling overseas for medical procedures harbor irrational doubts about the quality of service at the dental clinics abroad. For some unknown reason, they feel they might not get the world class service in the third world. Third world, so it seems to them, has failed to keep step with the first world. Most patients are in for a surprise when they first witness the top of the line infrastructure as well as the devout professionalism of the doctors and staff.

4. Exotic Locales

Some years ago, Cancun had earned the epithet ‘An American Playground’, thanks to its pristine beaches and watersports industry. Today, it is also emerging as a low cost medical tourism destination, not just for the US but also for the rest of the world. Well connected by air with major world cities, Cancun is a holiday favorite with the who’s who and lesser mortals alike. So if you see your favorite celeb rubbing suntan at one of its halcyon beaches, don’t get too excited. It is highly probable you might run into the same celeb at Cancun’s wildly famous night clubs. Brilliant, isn’t it?

5. More Cosmetic Surgeries

People who go under the knife usually rediscover once lost sense of confidence that springs from being comfortable in own skin, forging new relationships of choice, and finding peace of mind. If you wish to take more than porcelain veneers from Cancun, you may save more money by clubbing them all in the same vacation.

Cancun Beach
To wrap up, low cost of cosmetic dental surgery in Cancun is a big plus but it’s not the only one. Other pluses notwithstanding, the biggest advantage of cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico is its magical tropical air which accelerates not just physical recovery but also attunes your mind to your ‘new’ self.

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