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Cosmetic Dentistry in Cabo, Mexico

Are you feeling low on your self-confidence due to your missing or stained teeth? Cosmetic dentistry in Cabo can help you regain your confidence.

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Millions of people visit Cabo every year. The low cost and high-quality dental work have boosted dental tourism in the city. Getting cosmetic dentistry in the US is expensive, while Mexican City, Cabo, is a good option.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Cabo

Our partner clinic in Cabo specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Wondering what is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo compared to the US and Canada? If you answered yes, then check out the comparison table below.

Cosmetic Dentistry Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)
Procedure U.S.A Canada Cabo
E-Max Porcelain Crown $2,000 $1,840 $450
Zirconia Crown $2,000 $1,840 $450
E-Max Veneer $2,500 $2,300 $450
Zirconia Veneer $2,000 $1,800 $450
Composite Veneers $2,500 $2,300 $250
Teeth Whitening $1,000 $650 $100
Laser Teeth Whitening $1,500 $1,500 $400
Zoom Teeth Whitening $500 $600 $300
Single Dental Implant $5,000 $4,600 $990
Mini Dental Implant $2,000 $1,500 $450
*Price may change with the complexity of a case

Cosmetic dentistry procedures cost b/w $500-5,000 per tooth in the U.S. The costs vary based on the prosthesis used, keeping in mind its material & brand. In Cabo San Lucas, the same dental treatment will cost you under 1,000 US dollars.

The above table shows you can save up to 70% on cosmetic dentistry in Cabo. That too, for brands like Nobel and Straumann for implants. And also a range of crowns that include E-max and Zirconia.

Please Note: You will be charged a consultation fee of USD 60. In the final bill, the consultation fee will get adjusted if you undergo any treatment.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cabo for Cosmetic Dental Work

1. Affordability

Dental work in Cabo costs up to 70% less than in the U.S. Approximately 35% of Americans do not have an insurance plan.[1]Adroit Market Research Global Dental Tourism Market Size “The difference of more than 50% in the cost of treatment makes traveling to another country beneficial. This scenario holds for approximately 35% of the Americans that do not have an insurance plan.” View in Article It allows them to discover and avail quality dentistry without the big and worrisome spending.

2. Lesser Travel Time

Cosmetic dentistry often requires more than a single visit. Hence patients prefer to travel to nearby destinations. Cabo is an ideal location for Americans and Canadians, as they prefer to go somewhere easily accessible from the US.[2]International Journal of Contemporary Dental and Medical Reviews The business and pleasure of teeth: Dental tourism “Finally, as in general in tourism, good and cheap accessibility (i.e., mostly air transport services) will enhance the competitiveness of a dental tourism destination.” View in Article

3. High-Quality Dentistry

With the right kind of research, you can find internationally accredited clinics. We have found out and recommend one such clinic providing high-quality dental work. They are a state-of-the-art facility run by highly experienced dentists.

4. Relaxing Vacation

Cabo attracts millions of tourists every year. Its picturesque beaches, beautiful marine life, and various exciting activities make it an unforgettable beach vacation.

5. Popularity

Dental treatment in America is costly. Thus, every year approximately 1.4 million Americans travel to Mexico for high-quality, low-cost medical treatment. And dental treatment is estimated to account for around 70% of these trips.[3]Dental Tribune Patients pack bags as dental tourism resumes “In the US alone, around 1.4 million residents annually travel to countries such as Mexico to receive medical treatment, and dental treatments are estimated to account for around 70% of these trips.” View in Article

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

The term Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any dental work that enhances the appearance of teeth and gums. It aims at bringing a positive change to your teeth and smile.

A skilled cosmetic dentist can help you to improve your smile, your appearance, and even your self-confidence. Thus you can achieve your dream appearance without needing to break the bank.

Cosmetic Dental Work at Cabo

Cosmetic dentistry has progressed from merely replacing damaged teeth to covering a broader scope of aesthetic procedures.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

“As many as 19 million people feel their self-confidence could be boosted by dental work to improve their smile.” -Nature, 2007[4] Dental work can boost self-esteem “An Ipsos-MORI survey has found that as many as 19 million people feel their self-confidence could be boosted by dental work to improve their smile.” View in Article

Whatever reason you might have for choosing a cosmetic dentistry procedure, its benefits, in physical and mental health are numerous. As a cosmetic dental patient, you can enjoy many benefits like:

  • Affordable | Prices can be up to 70% less when recieved from a dental tourism destination (see cost table)
  • Better Self-Esteem | 92% of people believe an attractive smile is an important social asset[5]Dental Economics Cosmetic dentistry: The “boom” is upon us! “92 percent of people surveyed said an attractive smile is an important social asset; 74 percent believe an unattractive smile could hurt one’s chances of career success.” View in Article
  • Visual Appearance Enhancement | 73% of Americans trusts someone with a nice smile than someone with a good outfit[6]CISION PR Newswire First Impressions Are Everything “A Nice Smile Goes a Long Way: Nearly three in four (73%) Americans would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than someone with a good job, outfit, or car.” View in Article
  • Painless Procedures | Local anesthesia helps eliminate discomfort. Also, procedures like veneers are non/minimally-invasive
  • Quick Procedures | In-house dental lab reduces chair time; one doesn’t have to invest much time to improve teeth aesthetics

Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Cabo

Dental Chair at Advanced Cabo Dentistry

Dental Chair @Cabo Dentist

1. Teeth Whitening [From outside]

  • Dental Condition: Stained Teeth, Discoloured teeth
  • Causes: Some foods, drinks, smoke, and medication
  • Teeth Whitening Process: Removing and professional cleaning of plaque and tartar from your tooth’s surface to restore its natural color
  • Duration: Single Visit with the Dentist or at Home Treatment (1-4 weeks)

Tooth Whitening at Dentist in Cabo

Different Types of Teeth Whitening:

1. In-office Whitening

The dentist performs it in his clinic. The bleaching gel used consists of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel applications. Sometimes a whitening light or laser is used to accelerate the whitening process.

Laser whitening, a new method that involves applying a concentrated bleaching gel on your teeth and then utilizing a laser to heat it. It will then whiten your teeth.

2. At-home care

Home bleaching kits are also available. You can use them at home as per the instructions given by your dentist. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in this agent is (4%-8%) or carbamide peroxide (10%-22%) formulations.

There are different ways of at-home bleaching:

Procedure How it works Treatment Duration
Tooth Whitening Gels and Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips Strips are thin layers of peroxide gel on plastic strips. It is shaped to fit on your buccal surfaces of the teeth.

Gels are peroxide-based. You need to apply it directly to your teeth, with the help of a small brush.

Twice daily (30 min each)

Repeat for 2-weeks

Tray-Based Whitening Systems
Teeth Whitening Tray | Cosmetic Dental Work You can buy these from a pharmacy or your dentist.

You have to fill a mouth guard-like tray with a gel whitening solution that has a peroxide-bleaching agent.

2 to 4 hours a day or overnight for 4 weeks.
Tooth Whitening Toothpaste
Whitening Toothpaste These kinds of toothpaste contain abrasives that will remove stains from your tooth surface.

This method works best for mild staining, and the results are satisfactory.

Use for 2- 6 weeks

Please Note: All the above methods can lighten your teeth only by 1-2 shades.

2. Non-Vital Dental Bleaching [From inside]

  • Dental Condition: Stained Teeth, Discoloured teeth (which has undergone root canal treatment)
  • Causes: Some foods, drinks, smoke, and medication
  • Teeth Whitening Process: The bleaching agent is placed inside the tooth canals. It will remain there for a specified period and lightens the tooth color internally.

Teeth Whitening Cabo, Mexico Before After

Teeth whitening is not for everyone.[7]Boston University The Truth about Teeth Whiteners “Bleach will not work with a stain from major deposits caused because a patient has not brushed their teeth. If we’re not taking care of our teeth, we’re not going to get a very effective whitening from any type of product.” View in Article It is usually for people with healthy, unrestored teeth and gums. Talk to your doctor to find out if teeth whitening is the right option for you.

3. Dental Veneers

  • Dental Condition: Stained teeth that can’t be whitened by bleaching; Chipped teeth; Crooked teeth; Uneven spaces between the front teeth (upper jaw)
  • Causes: Some foods, drinks, smoke, and medication; Biting down on ice or hard candy, car accidents, Bruxism; Poor dental care, hereditary, facial injury
  • Dental Procedure: Dental veneers are custom-made shells, which are of tooth-colored porcelain or resin. It covers the front surface of the teeth.
  • Duration: 5 – 7 days

Dental Veneers in Cabo

Your dentist will remove some portion of the enamel from the tooth surface, and then these shells will be cemented in the front of the teeth. Thus veneers will change the color, shape, size, or length of your teeth.

Dr. Koty carefully designs each porcelain veneer and has excellent skill and experience in Cosmetic Restorative. In advanced Cabo dentistry, in almost 90% of the cases, E-Max Porcelain material is used.

Zirconia is used in particular cases, and Resin/Composite Veneers are ideal for non-invasive patients.

4. Dental Crown

  • Dental Condition: Broken tooth/Week tooth
  • Causes: Possibly due to tooth decay
  • Dental Procedure: Dental crowns involve grinding a small amount of enamel from your tooth to retain the crown properly.
  • Duration: 5-7 days

In our partner clinic, you have the option to choose the material to restore your teeth with dental crowns. Each material has its benefits, but choosing a dental crown depends on the patient’s medical needs and aesthetic.

Material Used in Crowns Visuals Cost
E-max Crown E-max Crowns in Cabo USA: $2,000

Cabo: $450

  • E-max porcelain crowns are translucent and making them look natural.
  • Porcelain is a strong material used in E-max crowns for enhanced durability.
Zirconia Crown Zirconia Crowns in Cabo USA: $2,000

Cabo: $450

  • They look natural, just like E-max crowns.
  • If you are allergic to metals, zirconia crowns are a good option.
PFM Crowns PFM Crowns in Cabo USA: $1,100

Cabo: $450

  • The porcelain fused to metal crown is considered very strong and reliable.
  • They may start to show the metal base over time and are thus preferred for back teeth.

Please Note: On average dental Crowns last from 5 – 15 years.[8]Web MD How long do dental crowns last? ” The lifespan of a crown depends on the amount of wear and tear the crown takes, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices and your personal mouth-related habits.” View in Article

A dental crown works like a regular tooth, and it needs the same dental care as natural teeth. In case your natural teeth start to decay, the crown will get loose and fall.

  • Benefits of Dental Crown:

1. Restores Tooth

If your tooth damage hasn’t affected the root, you can keep your teeth just by removing the infected area and placing a crown over your teeth.

2. Over an Implant

If you have a Dental Implant, you will require a crown to rehabilitate your tooth, which will act as a regular tooth.

3. Cosmetic

If you are not comfortable with your teeth’ height/width, a crown can be placed for Cosmetic purposes.

5. Inlays and Onlays

  • Dental Condition: Slight decay, cracked and fractured teeth
  • Causes: Cavity, Bad bite
  • Dental Procedure: Inlays and Onlays are also called indirect fillings used to fill damaged and decayed teeth. They are generally used for repairing teeth in the back of the mouth.

Inlay and Onlays Cosmetic Dental Work

Inlays and Onlays are an alternative treatment for crowns. Teeth that are not damaged much can be treated with Inlays/Onlays instead of a crown.

6. Dental Implants

  • Dental Condition: Tooth loss
  • Cause: Tooth decay, injury, gum disease
  • Dental Procedure: It is a surgical procedure that replaces missing or lost teeth with implants. They are a small screw-like structure with a diameter of 1.8 mm to 7 mm.[9]NCBI Dental Mini-Implants “The mini implant is a dental implant that is fabricated with a reduced diameter (less than 3 mm) and a shorter length but with the same biocompatible material as compared with standard dental implants.” View in Article It replaces the root of a misplaced tooth.
  • Duration: 5-14 days per visit; up to 3 visits
  • Types: Single Implant, Mini-dental Implant, All-on-4/6/8

Thus it acts as the support system which holds the dental crown or bridge in place, similar to how dental roots have our natural teeth.

A dental implant consists of several parts:

  1. The Implant: It is made up of titanium. Its shape is like a screw, and it is placed into the jawbone.
  2. The abutment: It is made up of gold, titanium, or porcelain. It is attached to the implant. This part connects the implant to the crown.
  3. The crown: It is usually made of porcelain fused to metal (PFM). Your crown will be made to match your other teeth and will be attached to the abutment.

Dental Implants in Cabo

It is estimated that more than 36 million Americans (11% of the total population) do not have any teeth. And for 120 million (36%) people in the United States, at least one tooth is missing.[10]American College of Prosthodontists Facts & Figures “More than 36 million Americans do not have any teeth. Tooth loss happens from decay and gums disease, and as a result of injury, cancer, or simply wear.” View in Article

Dental implants can improve your smile as well as tooth functionality. Your treatment will begin with an evaluation of your mouth. An intraoral scan will be done. If you qualify, your dentist will proceed to the planning and preparations for the surgical phase.

In case you need a bone graft, it will be scheduled before the implants are placed.

Different Types of Dental Implants:

Regular Dental Implant

Dental Implant and Crown in Cabo

These are traditional implants, which are titanium cylinders or screws. It acts as anchors and replaces the roots of your natural teeth. It can be used for the upper or lower jaw, and these implants attach directly to your jaw or gum tissue.

Please note: These implants require enough jaw tissue for support. Patients with jaw atrophy (jaw size reduction) might not qualify for traditional implants without a bone graft.

If you are missing one or a few teeth, you can use single-tooth dental implants. It will help to improve your chewing, talk, and smiling.

  • Advantages of a single-tooth dental implant:
  1. Functions like a natural tooth
  2. It can replace only one tooth without disturbing the health of neighboring teeth
  3. Preserves your bone better because it replaces your tooth root
  4. A single implant is easier to keep clean

Mini Dental Implant

Standard Vs Mini Dental Implants in Cabo, Mexico

Many try to avoid the surgery required for regular implants. Whereas many others lack the bone mass in their jaws to hold them.

For them, a mini dental implant is an option where you can get your lost teeth replaced. These implants are made up of titanium alloys.

They are strong enough to resist normal chewing strength. Mini implants have the same structure like that of regular implants but are a little smaller in size.


All-on-4 Dental Implants in Cabo, Mexico

Depending on the number of implants used for one jaw, these may be called all-on-4 or all-on-6/8. It is a full set of implants designed to restore your complete upper or lower set of teeth. It acts as a permanent and natural-looking substitute for dentures.

  • Benefits of All-on-systems dental implants:
  1. A fixed denture is supported on 4/6/8 implants
  2. Graftless procedure
  3. Takes 1-3 days
  4. Highly strong

In the U.S, it might take many weeks to make a dental crown or a bridge. However; these items usually take a few days to complete in Mexico. Our partner clinic is equipped with an in-house dental lab, which helps to speed up the process.

Get to know the longevity of cosmetic dental restorations here.

Planning A Dental Trip to Cabo in 4 Steps

  • Step 1: Research
  • Step 2: Plan Duration
  • Step 3: Reach Cabo
  • Step 4: Finalize Stay

The first step should be researching the clinic and the location (Cabo). For this you might have several questions in your mind, like:

  • Is the clinic Internationally Accredited?
  • Are the Dentists Licensed?
  • What are cosmetic dental procedures in Cabo?
  • What is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo?
  • Does Cabo, Mexico, offer quality dental work?
  • Is Cabo, Mexico safe for tourists?
  • Is Cabo expensive?

We understand how important these questions are to you. So we researched them for you to make your work easy.

Please Note: Our partner clinic (Advanced Cabo Dentistry) is one of the top dental clinics in Cabo. Hence, we can help you to choose a cosmetic dentist as per your dental condition.

Advanced Cabo Dentistry (5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Google Rating)

The dentists here are experts in implantology and cosmetic replacement. The clinic has its laboratory with all equipment and technology from Germany and Sweden.

Advanced Cabo Dentistry | Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Cabo

The laboratory is lead by Jochen Parnt. He is an expert dental technician with more than 35 years of experience.

The clinic uses state-of-the-art technologies. Like:

  • 3-D CT scan
  • Onsite CAD/CAM technology

The clinic uses CAD/CAM to design dental pieces with exact precision in less time. The clinic also uses a 3 tier sterilization protocol and an autoclave.

Prof. Dr. H.C. Thomas Koty is the chief dentist at Advanced Cabo Dentistry. He is a well-known German specialist with more than 25 years in implantology.

Dr. HC Koty | Dentist in Cabo

Dr. Koty continuously updates his knowledge in international postgraduate education, including Harvard training. He has also been an author for many postgraduate books on implantology.

Getting an appointment in the clinic is easy and flexible. Contact us to help you with the entire process. We can get you in touch with a dentist who will provide a free quote and suggestive treatment plan.

Once you have researched the clinic and location, the next step should be finalizing the duration of your stay.

Wondering how many days you require to stay in Cabo for your treatment? Well, here is a treatment duration table that can help you.

Dental Procedure Duration
E-Max Porcelain Crown 5-7 days
Zirconia Crown 5-7 days
E.Max All Porcelain Veneer 5-7 days
Zirconia Veneer 5-7 days
Teeth Whitening 3-4 days
Regular Dental Implant 2 trips (over 6-9 months)
Mini Dental Implant 1-2 days

Now that you have got a rough idea about the number of days you need to stay in Cabo, the next step should be how to reach Cabo from your home location.

Los Cabos International Airport [SJD] receives international flights from the USA and Canada. It takes approximately 10- 12 hours to reach Cabo from the USA and Canada.Flight Map Cabo

The hotel zone and our partner clinic are located in the same region (San José del Cabo). And the best part is, our partner clinic offers free airport pick-up and drop-off facilities for their patients.

When you follow these 4 steps, you not only save your time but also your money.

Your trip to Cabo will be incomplete without buying something locally. So plan a day to Marina Flea Market, where you can buy souvenirs in Cabo.

Liquor at Marina Flea Market, Cabo

Liquor @Marina Flea Market

Tamarind Candy- Cabo, Mexico

Tamarind Candy @Cabo

Glass Art- Cabo, Mexico

Glass Art @Cabo, Mexico

Here you can buy souvenirs ranging from simple keychains to beautiful pieces of artwork. Remember to carry cash as most of the vendors do not accept credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions Cabo for Cosmetic Dentistry (FAQs)

  • What is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo?
What is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo?

The average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo is 550 USD. The cost ranges from $450-$1,500.

Procedure Cabo, Mexico
E-Max Porcelain Crown $450
Zirconia Crown $450
E.Max All Porcelain Veneer $450
Zirconia Veneer $450
Resin or Composite $250
Teeth Whitening $100
Mini Dental Implant $450
  • Does Cabo, Mexico, offer quality dental work?
Does Cabo, Mexico, offer quality dental work?

Yes. MTC partner clinics use brands like Nobel and Straumann for implants. Also, a range of crowns that include E-max and Zirconia. The success rate of dental treatment here is 96%.

  • Which brand of dental implants is used in Cabo?
Which brand of dental implants is used in Cabo?

MTC partner clinic uses brands like Nobel and Straumann for implants. They have a success rate of 96% with these brands.

  • Does the clinic offer any warranty/guarantee for the dental treatments?
Does the clinic offer any warranty/guarantee for the dental treatments?

Yes. MTC partner clinic offers:

  1. Five-year warranty on all restorations
  2. Ten-year warranty for implants

Please note: It does not guarantee implants for smokers or patients with certain medical conditions such as osteoporosis or lupus.

  • Which is better: dental implants or veneers?
Which is better: dental implants or veneers?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are a good option. And, if you have natural teeth but want to enhance them cosmetically, veneers can help.

However, it is best to consult your dentist to know what’s best for you. They study your oral health and dental condition closely to find the best fitting dental care plan.

  • What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo?
What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Cabo?

The benefits of choosing Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Cabo include both physical and mental health improvements. These may include:

  • Better Self-Esteem
  • Health Improvement
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Visual Appearance Enhancement
  • Multiple Procedure Options
  • Painless and Quick Procedures
  • Affordability
  • Is Cabo dangerous 2020?
Is Cabo dangerous 2020?

Cabo is not a dangerous place.[11]Travelsafe Abroad How Safe Is Cabo San Lucas for Travel? “Cabo Safety Index is 68. Cabo San Lucas has a medium crime level… Cabos San Lucas is not a place where a terrorist might attack; although Mexico does not report recent attacks, you should always be watchful.” View in Article Cabo is a popular tourist place and is safe to visit. It is advised to follow general precautions you would take in any other country.

  • Is Cabo expensive for dental work?
Is Cabo expensive for dental work?

No. From the price standpoint, Cabo is quite reasonable compared to international standards. The government of Mexico provides dental education at subsidized prices.[12]San Fernando Sun Affordable Dentistry Services in Foreign Countries Very Appealing to US Customers “Dental education in a public dental institution in Mexico is free or subsidized because of government support. In return, the graduating dentist there provides a year of free dental community service.” View in Article

Hence there is no debt on the dentists, which heavily reduces the chances of overcharging their service. Thus the final cost of cosmetic dental procedures in Cabo is also cheaper.

  • Do teeth rot under veneers?
Do teeth rot under veneers?

Yes, it can if you do not maintain good oral hygiene. The teeth under your veneers can collect plaque and tartar. If cavities develop on your teeth, it might not be able to support your veneers after your dentist treats the decay.

So you need to follow your dentist’s recommendations on how to take care of underlying natural teeth after you get veneers.

  • Can you wear veneers with no teeth?
Can you wear veneers with no teeth?

No. Veneers can’t replace missing teeth. To wear a dental veneer, there needs to be a tooth first. Veneers are a thin material of porcelain that is bonded to the front of your teeth.

  • How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?
How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

MTC’s partner clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Cabo. Getting an appointment in the clinic is easy and flexible. Contact us to help you to choose a cosmetic dentist abroad.

  • Does the clinic in Cabo provide airport pick-up and drop-off?
Does the clinic in Cabo provide airport pick-up and drop-off?

Yes, the partner clinic of MTC in Cabo offers free airport pick-up and drop-off facilities for their patients.

  • Which languages does the dental staff in Cabo speak?
Which languages does the dental staff in Cabo speak?

Dentists and staff in our partner clinic are multi-lingual. They speak in English, Spanish, and German.

  • How do clinics in Cabo accept payments?
How do clinics in Cabo accept payments?

Our partner clinic accepts payment by:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cash
  • Wire transfer

Medical Tourism can help you to get your dental implant at a low-cost in Cabo, Mexico. Feel free to contact us for further information.

*Please review our full disclaimers, Terms & Conditions and, Health Privacy & Confidentiality Statement. Individual results may vary. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA or any medical professional.

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