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Cheap Sinus Lift Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

If you are looking for cheap sinus lift surgery then sinus lift surgery in Cancun may be a suitable option for you. Watch the video below for more information on Sinus life surgery in Cancun. In the video leading dental oral surgeon in Cancun talks about sinus lift procedure.

The other procedure that I do beside the implants, most important are sinus lifting. Sinus lifting today is a very easy procedure. Usually it lasts like for 20 minutes. Its intra oral procedure, it’s made with local anesthesia. Sinus lift is an easy procedure for the patient.

Also Cancun is very good location for sinus lift procedure, it’s in the level of the ocean and there’s lot of humidity in the air which is very good to maintain and clean the sinuses after the procedure.

Cancun Sinus Lift – Stay after procedure

The dental expert recommends two weeks stay in Cancun after the procedure, because its not a good idea to immediately fly after the procedure, so we plan it accordingly so that patient when patient come, have the procedure on the first day so that he can rest another 10 dyas or 2 weeks just to be here and relax. It’s very good to swim in the ocean; the salty water cleans the nose and the sinuses.

Sinus lifting and immediate load implants

Sometime we combine sinus lifting with immediate load dental implants. Depends upon the level of bone the patient has. Sometime we do bone graft and then wait for eight months or when there is some bone present, we do the sinus lifting and we insert the implant in the same procedure.

That’s the best because we do both the procedures in one dental chair sitting. It’s working the same and results are great.

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