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Cervical Disk Replacement in Barcelona – Spain – Testimonial

Undergoing cervical disk replacement in Barcelona Spain can be a good option for offshore patients who do not mind hopping international borders to avail good healthcare services. Neurosurgeons in Europe are renowned for having more experience than their American counterparts in the field of spine surgery. Also, cost of spine surgery in Spain can be considerably lower than what it costs in countries such as the US and the UK.

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Bill Snow of Longview, Texas, shares his experience of undergoing cervical disk replacement in Barcelona, Spain.
Medical Tourism provided the information that was necessary in order to consider such an idea as traveling overseas for surgery.  It was easy to formulate a plan for the things that needed to be done.  They were great in working out some last minute details that were very helpful.    The list of doctors in various locations made the research easier to expand.

“One doctor that was already high on my list was listed prominently and eventually helped in my final selection.  I knew that the extensive nerve damage that I had would best be addressed by a neurosurgeon with excellent cervical skills.  Having had prior fusions and knowing that I had extensive nerve damage from a herniated disc, osteophytes, bilateral bulges, some other unknown cervical problems, I knew that the best option would be multi-level artificial disc replacements.

“Extensive research kept leading me to Dr. Clavel, who is an outstanding, very accomplished neurosurgeon in Barcelona, Spain.  His keen intellect allows him to listen, review prior medical information, ask questions, and to assimilate the information into a course of action to achieve the best results possible.  He truly is a wonderful man and a great surgeon.

“I am extremely pleased with the surgical results.  The hospital was only three years old and everyone was very kind and gracious.    Knowing the extreme pain that I had experienced after my prior fusions, it was hard for me to comprehend that I could possibly enjoy some of my time in Barcelona after surgery.  However, I was very surprised with the very low level of discomfort after the surgery.  The afternoon of my release from the hospital, my wife and I were able to take a walk around part of downtown Barcelona.

“The next few days we spent walking and looking at stores, enjoying afternoon espresso in coffee shops, seeing Gothic Cathedrals, and even took a trip by train to the mountains of Montserrat.  More briefly, we really had the opportunity to enjoy Barcelona even though the main reason for the trip was for the surgery. This was a great experience with absolutely the best results possible.”

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