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Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement


Looking for exceptional quality artificial cervical surgery treatments? Then consider artificial cervical disc replacement in India. Not only is it done at reasonable prices but also of standards at par with US. Check out this video of a surgeon from India who speaks about his education and experience.

Following is the video narration.

Education and experience in artificial cervical surgery

“I am a neurosurgeon by profession with my special interests in skull base, cerebro vascular and spine. We do lots of different kinds of surgery – neuro surgery and sub specialty surgery. We do macrosurgery, microsurgery, and endoscopic surgery, minimal access surgery for both brain and spine.

“I received my neuro surgery training in Bangalore. I worked as a teacher in a medical college and subsequently underwent training in skull base in Detroit University, Michigan. It was a clinical fellowship and it was a very hectic fellowship for one year. There are a lot of surgeries that we do minimal access surgery for brain and spine. We do some tumors, micro vascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm; we do transnasal endoscopic work for international patients.

“It essentially means that you use the natural cavity of the nose to use endoscope, to go to the base of the brain, try to treat patients and tumors in that location…….in and around the area where it can be approached.

“Also we do minimal access surgery for spine for disc problems, degenerative spine disease, artificial disc replacement for both cervical and lumbar regions. So we do varied kind of procedures.”

Cervical spine disc replacement procedure India

“Patients from many many countries, Canada, United States, African continent – Nigeria, Zambia…. We have patients from Europe, England, patients from Italy. We have patients also from other parts of Asia, in and around our country, Pakistan, Burma, we have patients from ….Maldives. Every place now people liking the way we offer treatment in this country.

“Disc replacement is a new methodology of surgery to preserve motion at a particular segment. Fusion kills the motion. So in a certain subset of patients who satisfy criteria for preserving motion, we can offer disc replacement. Motion preservation has certain advantages. It may mix normal movement of the neck or back. It also helps in avoiding degeneration of disc, above or below of the segment that has been operated. So lots of advantages are there in disc replacement.”

In the video, a surgeon from a leading hospital in India speaks about the procedure of spine disc replacement in India. He also shares his experience in treatments of various surgeries like brains and spine tumors, micro vascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm and transnasal endoscopic treatments.

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