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California Couple Reviews Full Mouth Restoration in Los Algodones

Watch this video in which a couple from North California reviews full mouth restoration in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription


“Hi, I am Dan Bernard and I am from northern California in the USA.”


“I am Pearl Bernard from northern California in the USA.”


“I actually was a referral. I have a coffee group I go to and they had some people come down here about 10-15 years ago and they were very satisfied, so I… that’s why I chose to come down here.

Basically it was because it was a referral and once I came here and found the facilities to meet with what I thought were my needs that’s why I chose them.”


“I think one of the things that he did go in to the internet and once he got the referral from his friends and he went in to the internet to see what the dental group was saying and he was impressed, as I recall about the fact that they have practitioners here and have many years of experience and he was impressed with that. He says a minimum of 5 years that they have experience. So, that made him go ahead and he liked that.”


“I had a full mouth restoration and they came out, actually very nice.”


“Show them! I had a crown done. I was having, for years I was having problems with the tooth that had a gold crown and I didn’t know what was wrong but anyway that was taken out and it was replaced and now I feel, I don’t feel the tooth.

For years, I felt a little something going on here with the tooth all the time and I thought – you know, I don’t feel the other teeth, why am I feeling that one? So, it came out that I needed to have it pulled and I needed a new one and now, it’s only 2 days, of course, but I don’t feel it. I mean now it goes in harmony with the rest of my teeth that I don’t feel. So, I obviously pleased with that and also the doctor was very, very good to look at the rest of my mouth, you know, and see what all he could do to help.

The doctor, you know, Guillermo was excellent. I can’t say enough about him.”


“You met my expectations and mainly because of the professional services that were supplied all the time. From the moment I stepped in the front door, I was very well cared for and it is very fine, very safe, no problem walking around or going to the stores or to to the restrooms. It was fine.”


“The location was great and especially since we stayed in the hotel right here Cielito Lindo, that was excellent because if we needed to be called for any reason, with the doctor was ready, they would just call us and we would be here immediately. This was very handy and I really enjoyed the location, the hotel clean, beautiful location. Right there they have a restaurant that has very good food. All the waiters are very kind, friendly and courteous. I don’t know, it’s just like being in a different world, a very courteous, social people. Everybody there hasn’t been anyone who has had a frown.

So, that helped in experience. It’s been very very good. They were all gracious in carrying with their individual expertise that they did. You know, starting from the supervisor he could do enough you know. I had a little problem, you know, with vertigo and Mr Miguelle and also Guillermo were very concerned. They showed a lot of concern to get me to my room so that I could rest. It was unheard of. All the ladies, including yourself, you know, that have been so kind, you know, to be right there for us.

I can’t believe it, you know, it’s just, I go away with a very good feeling. In fact, I am going to miss it. I am going to miss it when I go, with the rest of the people in California, who this time are very angry.”

Los Algodones is a Mexican border town near Yuma, Arizona and famous among travelers for its affordable dental treatments. Watch another video in which Carol from California reviews dental crowns in Los Algodones.

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