A Mexican Orthopedic Surgeon’s Inteview

This video features a leading orthopedic surgeon from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, who talks about the volume of patients he handles on a regular basis, and the balance that he strikes between his private practice and as a consultant at a hospital.

Following is the video narration:



“Currently in our practice here in Juarez, we have our private practice which is apart from the institutional practice. Maybe in a slow week we have to operate 1 patient a week, joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery and when, time of work, when we do have some work we’re doing maybe 5 patients a week. So, the range goes from there on surgery means. And consults we probably see 10 to 15 patients a day in the office giving a consult or taking a follow-up on the surgery that we’ve done to the patient. So, the moral is we would be talking at a mean of maybe 3 patients a week of surgery, of surgical procedures. That’s in the private practice.

“In the institutional area where also do some work that’s a lot of difference in, taking in consideration that there is a lot of volume in the public hospitals. So there we, I can say, if I am attending the consults at the office, you could see many, 20 patients in one day. And surgery is 3 times a week, 3 procedures, 2 to 3 procedures each day. So, you’d be talking about maybe 6 procedures, 7 procedures during the week. But that’s the least; it could be more work.

“The fact of the matter is that we always try to balance the private work and stay more focused on the private work and only attend d the institutional hospital when we’re in need of because the way that I work in the institutional hospital is taking care of the patients when other doctors are out of town, or in vacation, leave etc., that’s when we are in the hospital, in the institutional hospital.”

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