Bilateral Knee Replacement India – Video Testimonial

Knee replacement (bilateral) experience interview of Ms. Bridget Onah from Atlanta, GA, USA.

Bridget used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for the bilateral knee replacement surgery in Bangalore, India. For more watch video interview. For more watch video interview… To start video scroll below and click play button.

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The knee arthritis pain had reached to such a point that Bridget could not walk or perform her daily chores. A University professor from Nigeria, she took a sabbatical leave to stay with her daughter in the USA & find knee replacement treatment.

Soon, she discovered that the cost of bilateral knee surgery in USA was way beyond her budget. This made her turn to medical tourism in India. The cost of knee replacement in India was about 15% of what she was quoted by the hospital in the USA.

This amounted to a medical savings of about $ 80,000 US dollars on her bilateral knee replacement surgery.

In the video testimonial Bridget shares her satisfaction at the high quality of: medical travel facilitation, the hospital, health care professionals in India, knee replacement surgeon and the complete medical tourism India experience.

Medical Tourism Corporation hopes this bilateral knee replacement video will help you select the right medical hospital, clinic or surgery center. Watch more interviews on the medical tourism video page. Medical Tourism Corporation works with state-of-the-art international hospitals(Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Thailand, Belgium & more), saving about 20~80% over USA medical prices. Fill out the free quote request using the form on this page for more information.

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