Bilateral Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India – Patient Testimonial

John Mclennan, from the United Kingdom, talks about his experience of undergoing bilateral total hip replacement surgery in India in this testimonial video. John decided to avail the services of Medical Tourism Corporation to facilitate his surgery in India.

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John underwent two hip replacements surgeries due to both his hips suffering from severe arthritis. In the testimonial, John mentions about his very successful bilateral total hip replacement operation trip. Some of the things that he highlights are:

  • Doctors’ diagnoses were not correct in the UK; they were treating for damaged knees, while X rays in India showed he had severe hip arthritis.
  • Chose hospital in India due to them specializing in hip replacements.
  • Experience was same as in the UK, but the job was done right away with quick surgery and no waiting times.
  • Very successful bilateral total hip replacement; amazed at high quality and medical attention in India.
  • Saved 5,000 pounds and felt he had an excellent venture coming to India.

Bilateral hip replacement is performed in case where both the hips are worn and need replacement. The surgery could be done simultaneously (Simultaneous Bilateral Total Hip Replacement) or one at a time (Staged Total Hip Replacement).

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