Do you wish to flaunt an impressive beard, but your genes have other plans? Look no further. Enhance your look with an affordable beard transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. The city offers cutting-edge procedures performed by skilled surgeons that give promising results. Moreover, Istanbul offers ~75% cost savings. Read this blog to claim your new look.

Before After Beard Transplant in Istanbul

Beard Transplant Istanbul

Before & After Beard Transplant Istanbul

Don’t believe it till you see it? Check out the incredible transformations yourself.

Before After Beard Transplant Istanbul

Before After Beard Transplant Istanbul

Before and After Beard Transplant in Istanbul

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Beard Transplant Istanbul Reviews

Beard Transplant Cost Istanbul

The cost of beard transplant in Istanbul is €1,350. The same procedure costs €5,780 and $11,000 in the UK and US, respectively.

Therefore, you can save around 75% of the cost in Istanbul! For a more detailed comparison, look at the cost table below.

Beard Transplant Istanbul Cost Comparison
Location Cost (EUR) Cost (USD)
Istanbul, Turkey €1,350 $1,500
UK €5,780 $6,420
USA €9,900 $11,000
*prices are case dependent

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Benefits of Beard Transplant in Istanbul

A wide range of benefits make Istanbul an ideal destination for a beard transplant. We’ve listed them below.

You can save more than half of what you’ll pay in the UK and the USA. Beard transplant is ~75% cheaper in Istanbul. The low cost treatment is because of these factors

  • Low fees compared to the western countries[1]
  • Government aid in upgrading health infrastructure[2]

Don’t let low costs cast doubt on the best beard transplant in Istanbul.

Our partner clinics employ cutting-edge technology to ensure highly satisfactory results.

They specialise in FUE and Sapphire FUE. These methods have a remarkable success rate exceeding 80%.[3] [4]

Moreover, the surgeons are highly skilled and hold international certifications.

Turkish doctors are world-renowned for advanced hair transplantation techniques.[5]

Sapphire FUE Beard Transplant Istanbul

Sapphire FUE

Istanbul offers fast service solutions with professionalism and singular attention. All you need to do is share a few photos from various angles and your medical history.

Our partner clinic will design your treatment plan after a thorough assessment. This includes determining your eligibility and estimation of grafts required.

Furthermore, surgery dates will be finalised upon your approval.

Discover all-inclusive packages that take care of every detail. These enticing bundles cover treatment costs, hotel arrangements and seamless transfers.

The cost of a beard transplant Istanbul, Turkey package is €1,900 to €3,200.

Beard Transplant Istanbul Turkey Package

Beard Transplant Istanbul Package

Apart from the remarkable beard transplants, Istanbul is a vibrant holiday destination. You can explore the city’s rich heritage and relish the local cuisine.

Let your beard transformation journey extend into a memorable getaway

Understanding Beard Transplants

A beard transplant is a surgical procedure involving harvesting scalp grafts. These grafts are then placed on your beard area.

The technique is carried out to improve face regions with insufficient hair density. Moreover, it is also performed to improve existing facial hair aesthetically.[7]


Various beard transplant techniques are followed in Turkey.

1. In this procedure, tiny cuts are made on your beard area. Then, the back of your head (donor area) is shaved.

2. The hair is removed individually (grafts) and is placed on the tiny cuts on your beard area.[8]

3. Moreover, the technique does not leave any scars on the donor area.[9]

The DHI technique is similar to FUE. The only difference is that it involves a pen-shaped tool. This tool can extract hair follicles from the back of the head. And implant them on the beard area at the same time.[10]

Sapphire FUE takes the standard FUE up a notch. The difference lies in the material of the blade used to make incisions in the beard area.

Unlike the V-shaped pin of steel blades, sapphire blades have a sharper V-shape. This sharp edge allows for more precise incisions, creating smaller channels.[11]

However, these techniques are employed as per your requirements.

The FUE method of reconstructing beards is a secure and efficient procedure. Furthermore, it has excellent patient satisfaction rates.[12]

What Does the Procedure of a Beard Transplant in Turkey Entail?

Empower yourself with the knowledge of the procedure beforehand. Stated below are the steps of a beard transplant procedure.[13]

Pre-op Consultation

  • The surgeon will consider your family's medical history and dermoscopic examination.
  • Your expectations from the surgery and any signs of AGA will also be taken into account.
  • This step is important to determine the success of the surgery and your satisfaction.
  • Following this, the recipient site will be marked to determine implant placement.

Administration of Anesthesia

  • The recipient and donor site will be numbed.
  • Further infiltration anaesthesia will be used for painful areas if needed.

Preparing canals in the recipient site

  • This step entails crafting incisions on the beard area.
  • Outer beard incisions are made using a 0.8mm blade.
  • Whereas the inner area is crafted with a 1mm blade.

Graft Harvesting

  • The grafts are obtained from a safe donor area, usually the scalp.
  • The occipital area is the most common donor area.
  • This is due to the coarse hair in the area, which closely matches the beard hair.


  • Single grafts are put at the edges of the beard area.
  • On the other hand, double grafts are placed in the centre.
  • Finally, a bandage is used to close the donor site.


You'll need a day to recover from the procedure. Also, tiny crusts around the beard may flake off within a few days. Furthermore, the newly transplanted hair will fall off within 2-3 weeks, and new growth may appear.[14]

Care Routine After a Beard Transplant

You are advised to follow strict post-op care to avoid dislodging of grafts. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.[15] [16] [17]

  • Keep the transplant area moist
  • Wait for at least 8-15 days before you shave
  • Wash the recipient area with normal saline to avoid infection
  • Eat a semi-liquid or a liquid diet to minimise facial muscle movement

Look Out for These Complications

Here are some possible side effects that may occur.[18]

  • Mild redness
  • Slight swelling
  • Cobblestoning
  • Irregular or bumpy skin
  • Improper direction of grafts

Let's check out the exceptional clinics that can make this transformation a reality.

Choosing the Right Clinic for Beard Transplant in Istanbul

Selecting the perfect clinic for your treatment is pivotal to unlocking a seamless experience. Factors like quality, medical expertise, technology and safety must be taken into account.

Hence, MTC has sorted these details for you. Let’s explore the beard transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Now that you know all about the state-of-the-art clinics, let's get to know the surgeons.

Beard Transplant Surgeons in Istanbul

Choosing a qualified and experienced doctor is important if you're considering a beard transplant.

Here are the details about the best beard transplant surgeons in Istanbul.

Dr. Gokhan Vayni

14+ years

Hair Transplant Specialist


Beard, eyebrow, and scar hair transplantation


Anadolu University

  • Known for his attention to detail regarding hair transplantation.
  • Well-known hair transplant expert in Turkey.
  • Fluent in English and Turkish
  • Expert in Sapphire FUE and Micro FUE techniques
  • Specialises in beard, eyebrow and scar hair transplant
Dr. Vedat Tosun
Dr. Vedat Tosun

20+ years



DHI and FUE techniques

  • Completed advanced training in FUE hair transplant in Antalya
  • Extensive experience in treating patients from the UK, France, Italy, and the US.

Next, explore the ins and outs of reaching and going about the city.

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Medical Tourism in Istanbul

In recent years, Istanbul has become Turkey's hotspot for medical tourism.[19] Moreover, the city offers a wide range of cultural experiences to reminisce about.

For your seamless experience, we’ve penned down a few important details

Reaching Istanbul

The easiest way to reach Istanbul, Turkey, is via air. Check out the non-stop flight duration to Istanbul International Airport (IST) below.

Flight Duration to Istanbul
Origin Duration
London 3h 40m
Manchester 4h
Birmingham 4h
Edinburgh 4h 20m
New York 9h 50m
Chicago 10h 25m
Los Angeles 13h

The Istanbul International Airport is 54 km/33 miles from the main city. Moreover, it takes only 40 minutes to reach the city from the airport via road.[20]

Documents Required

For UK Citizens

  • A valid passport for up to 150 days after you arrive.
  • You don’t require a visa if your stay is for 90 days in a 180-day period.

Source: UK Gov[21]

For US Citizens

  • A valid passport for at least 6 months after you arrive.
  • You need a Turkish visa or an e-visa to travel to Turkey.

Source: Travel.State.Gov[22]

Getting Around

Istanbul has a well-connected public transport system. Furthermore, the most convenient way to travel between different tourist attractions is via tram.

It’s economically feasible as well. Other options available are the metro, buses, ferry and Uber.[23]

Get a transport card known as the Istanbulkart from the airport. You can top it up and use it on trams, metro, buses, and ferries.[24]

Also, our partner clinics offer free transfers from the airport to your hotel and then to the clinic.

Best Time To Visit

Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons are pleasant in Istanbul. On the other hand, summer is a tourist season and is quite busy.[25]

Beard Transplant Istanbul: FAQs

A beard transplant costs €1,350 in Istanbul. The procedure will cost you ~75% less than in the UK or USA.

Beard transplants have a high success rate of 85%.[26] However, the outcome depends on the patient’s medical and family history.

Plus, the patient’s expectations are also an important factor.[27]

A beard transplant procedure takes about 3 days. It may take 4 months for the results to show. Moreover, definitive results are seen after 9-12 months.

Beard transplant is performed under anaesthesia, making it a painless procedure. However, you may feel slight discomfort in the area, which is normal.


Istanbul emerges as an attractive destination for beard transplants. With savings of around 75% and high-quality treatments, the city offers benefits you can’t miss.

Embark on the journey to regain confidence and empower yourself with a transformed look.

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