Bariatric Surgery Mexico Reviews

Medical Tourism Corporation has a long list of happy and satisfied clients who availed the services of the company to facilitate their weight loss surgery in Mexico. We have compiled a list of some of the “weight loss surgery in Mexico” reviews and are sharing it with you.

MTC's Happy WLS Clients

MTC’s Happy WLS Clients

Our clients reviewed various parameters of our services, such as the doctor’s proficiency, the hospital, shuttle service, communication, etc. The following is a table showing weight loss surgery Mexico reviews by some of our clients.

Reviewed by,

Residence and Procedure

Communication Hospital Transportation Doctor Overall Experience
Peter Fraga

Miama, USA,

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery,


Communication went well… I wanted to do it fast I wanted to go through the process rapidly and Hazel helped me through that process very well… It’s very clean…Very nice people…Very attentive…There’s nothing really that they couldn’t do… Pick-up was well… Everything was on time The doctor was great… It was very good…I was able to see part of Mexico that very few get to see…It’s very reasonable compared to the States…
Lynette Fletcher

Memphis, Tennessee

Gastric Bypass

Puerto Vallarta

The staff, we were having troubles speaking English, but we were able to communicate really well. I even laughed quite a bit. Was extremely clean, I’d like to say. The room was roomy big. The showers… everything was clean. He made me feel

really comfortable

and he made me

know I am in

good hands.

I am coming back to Mexico for Breast Augmentation so that will let you know there that I am very pleased and I will be back.
Tamara Mattson

Gastric Sleeve

Puerto Vallarta

Every time I emailed Hazel, she got back to me within minutes … Even if when I need to talk to Gastric Sleeve surgeon, the email response back is fabulous. The hospital was wonderful, hospital staff was great. My every need was met, often, even before I even asked for it. It was really nice to have someone there to pick us up and to show us where we are going. Being here with

the team and the

doctors put everything

at ease for me.

It has been a fabulous place to come for a vacation and do surgery and a fabulous place to recover… It’s been a beautiful experience…
Colleen Jaime


Lap Band


Medical Tourism Corporation communication was very good… No communication issue at the hospital People were great at the hospital. Had no complications at all… The results have been what I had expected…It’s a new way of life…
MarilynRaleigh, North Carolina,Lap Band in Tijuana I was immediately assigned a ‘patient facilitator’, who answered all my queries. And also put me in touch with a person who had just got her weight loss surgery done in Mexico. It was quieter than hospitals in the US. Found it to be immaculately clean. The rooms were large; there was another smaller bed for the accompanying guest. The medical staff

was always

available and there

was always someone around who could

speak English.

Was very impressed with the ease of the whole process and the speed with which Med Tourism did it… Was at a fraction of the cost
Sondra Hall

Parsons, Oklahoma

Lap Band

The communication lines worked really well. If I had a question, I could just pick up the phone and make a phone call or … write a quick email, and the responses were very quick. The hospital was beautiful; everything was very clean and organized…The room was very clean; the bathroom was beautiful. They made all the arrangements at the hospital, for my transportation from the airport to the hotel; and from hotel to the hospital. Everybody just

worked to let me

know what to expect

with my healing

process and it was

great. My

expectations were exceeded.

I felt like I got much more than what I had expected in quality.
Diane Bergeron

Quebec, Canada,

Gastric Sleeve

in Tijuana

Of all the people I contacted for information, she (case manager) was the one who replied the fastest. She listened well and sent me the requested information in no time at all. The service that the Hospital and its staff provided was absolutely impeccable. I was greeted and taken care of like a family member. I wanted someone

with enough experience so that

he would be learning his skills on me. Read all I found about the doctor before I made up my mind. I am very satisfied of my choice.

The professional services were fantastic. I could not have been more satisfied. By the way, everything is very clean.
Lisa Cody

Wakefield Nelson,

New Zealand

Gastric Sleeve

in Tijuana

Fantastic advice and support. All the emails I had back and forth were prompt and informative At no time was I at all concerned or scared. All the staff are very capable and professional. I felt like I was in very good hands He (driver) spoke good English and knew exactly where he was going. He took us across the border, with no problems… He was lovely, very kind and

reassuring, he spoke relatively

good English…

I only experienced world class service. Everything went so smoothly and I would highly recommend their (MTC’s) services to anyone considering travelling for surgery.
Evangelynn Thurber


Gastric Sleeve in Cancun

All spoke English Exceptionally clean…No complaints about the care I received Really liked him…Speaks great English… Already lost 19 pounds… very happy with my experience and am excited about my healthy future…


WLS in Tijuana

She (case manager) was always in contact with me, emailing back and forth. She gave me all the information I wanted. The place is super-super clean…It’s kind of different but it was great… They will pick you up when they say they will pick you up. They will take you back when they say they will take you back. You know the

doctors are great…

It changed my life, it changed the way I view myself and the way other people view me…

Medical Tourism Corporation has been facilitating weight loss surgeries in Mexico for over 10 years now. We hope that our compilation of reviews and feedback of our services will help you take an informed decision about traveling across the border to Mexico for bariatric surgery.

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