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All on 4 or 6 Dental Implants – Thailand

Dental treatments such as All on 4 and All on 6 implants in Thailand give an opportunity to refurbish one’s smile for only a fraction of the prices charged in the West. Besides affordability, high quality of care is another factor that draws dental tourists from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom to Thailand.

In the following video, our dental implants specialist in Bangkok talks about the All on 4 and All on 6 implant systems used in his clinic which match the implant systems used in the rest of the world so that patients do not face any problems back home.

Following is the Video Narration

“First, we, that’s two things to have a standard protocol – traditional implant that every clinic must have and also we give a patient an immediate loading …as well. That’s the difference between two things.

For immediate loading case we use the system that we know as – all on four, all on six – that is giving the patient one trip, having all the implants done and having the restoration made right away. So when the patient doesn’t have to come back here again. But anyway the patient has to be aware of, by doing the all on four or six; it has to meet the requirements that the patient is a good candidate for doing that. Because all on four and all on six is doing by taking all the teeth out and then placing the implants via ….mostly cross arch and the denture we…within like five – six days and the patient stays later for couple of days for check-up and then going back home.

But in certain cases we cannot do it because the patient has to go for a treatment or protocol but anyway before doing that so usually we get information from patient so we can tell the patient whether or not they are good candidates for it and then even…they can come back and get the treatment here.

First, the patient who has good teeth, you know, they don’t have to do that because mostly, all on four and all on six here, we are doing because patient lack of teeth, has very few teeth and most of them are hopeless. So we change in the teeth to implants so they get a denture that fix to the implant with like four and six implants in terms of each arch. And then other thing is because the implant system that we use here is very very popular, its globally popular, so the patient can be confide that they are, when they are going back home they have …….because the system that we use ….in other countries of the world like nobel biocare,… and you know, so and so forth. So it’s not because we have couple of thousand implant systems in the world and sometimes when you go to certain clinics or certain places, they use implant that are not available in each country. So sometimes they have a problem going back home and then they don’t have the implant system installed in their country so we have to be confident that, you know, we give the best implant to the patient and then the patient receives the best treatment from us and have a good….

Mostly about 10 – 14 days, including a check – up and everything.”

Low cost of all on 4 or 6 dental implants is one of the main factors responsible for rise of dental tourism in the Thailand. But low cost does not compromise with the quality of the treatment as Thailand hospitals, well equipped with latest technology and internationally trained dental surgeons, are at par with the best dental clinics in the world.

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