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Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery Abroad

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International Destinations: India, Jordan, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey

Achilles tendon, also called the tendo-calcaneous, is a strong fibrous tissue band, located at the back of the ankle, connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. The rupture of the tendon affects critical functions like walking, jumping and running. Surgical repair of the Achilles tendon would be required to restore these functions. The rupture may be related to age, as the tendon grows weak and thin or may occur due to an injury.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Tendon rupture is commonly seen in patients suffering from underlying chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes mellitus. Surgical repair may be required to restore normal tension and functions. The procedure involves suturing the two ruptured ends of the tendon back together. Though, alternative conventional treatment options are available, surgery is recommended in athletes or in individuals with high level of physical activity. Medical tourism destinations abroad, like India, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey and South Korea, offer low cost of Achilles tendon repair surgery and optimum post operative management.

Diagnosing rupture of the Achilles tendon

  • Rupture of the tendo-calcaneous is common in elderly patients, due to the thinning and weakening of the tendon tissue. Rupture due to injury or trauma is also common among athletes or during recreational sports like badminton, basket ball, soccer, etc. Certain medications and corticosteroids increase the risk of rupturing the tendon. Rupture is also frequently observed in patients suffering from underlying chronic disease conditions like arthritis and diabetes mellitus

  • Symptoms indicating a tendon rupture, include excessive pain, edema and swelling at the ankle and difficulty in performing weight bearing functions like standing and walking.
  • Usually the symptoms are indicative of tendon rupture, which is confirmed after physical examination. Occasionally, diagnostic tests like MRI or Ultrasound may be used to assist the physician in difficult cases. These investigations help the physician assess the extent of damage and determine the subsequent course of action

Management of Achilles rupture and surgical repair procedure

  • The foot tendon injury treatment includes either surgery management or using the conventional non surgical approach. After the rupture has been diagnosed, the patient is advised to ensure ample protection from further injury to the site. Also the patient is recommended to constantly mobilize the ankle and the foot to prevent stiffness.
  • For both surgical and non surgical treatment of the ruptured heel tendon, a cast or special braces would be required for an initial period of six weeks. The cast is changed after two weeks to slowly stretch the tendon to its normal length and increase the strength and flexibility
  • Conservative treatment includes rest (to reduce movement of the injured part), applying ice (which would limit swelling and reduce spasm), compress the injured area (to limit swelling) and keep the foot elevated (to allow drainage of fluid to the heart). Concurrent use of analgesics would help reduce pain and swelling.
  • There are two types of surgical interventions for the management of Tendon rupture. Open acute tendon Achilles repair surgery involves a single large incision on the skin to gain access to the ruptured tissue. Percutaneous surgery on the other hand, involves making several small incisions rather than one large incision. In both the procedures the two ends of the tendon are then stitched together. Surgery reduces the incidence of recurrent ruptures
  • Both the procedures have their own sets of limitations. Wound healing may be a problem in the open surgery technique, while percutaneous technique is associated with higher risk of nerve damage. Both the techniques are however equally effective in the management of the Tendon rupture
  • Post operative care includes, regular visits to the physical therapist to ensure adequate movement of the calf muscles and for a complete range of movement. Physical therapy also strengthens the muscles and protects them from subsequent rupture.

Prognosis after surgical repair of Achilles tendon

  • Most patients recover and regain their normal functions after the surgery. Surgical intervention has better outcomes in comparison to the conventional non surgical technique.
  • Following tendon repair surgery, a small lump may develop at the site of injury due to scarring. This however has no bearing on the individuals ability to perform the functions
  • Athletes can return to their routine within four to six months with the support of physical therapy. However weight bearing ability begins within six weeks of the surgery.

Post operative precautionary measures after Achilles tendon repair surgery

  • Athletes are advised to undertake daily stretching and pre-activity warm up exercises prior to any major physical activity.
  • It is best to gradually increase the strain of activity on the tendon, whilst maintaining a minimal continuous level of involvement with the sport/ physical exertion.
  • A healthy diet and a good overall muscle toning would help in maintaining a healthy Achilles tendon.

Alternatives to surgical repair of Achilles tendon

  • Though non surgical treatment for tendon repair has a higher rate of relapse, it is recommended in non athletes, individuals with general low levels of physical activity or elderly patients with severe underlying medical conditions. Early treatment is of essence in the management of tendon ruptures, especially using the non surgical approach
  • Non-surgical treatment options focus on the use of cast, special braces, orthotics (which includes the use of special heel pads in the shoes). This, coupled with physical therapy helps improve the strength and flexibility of the Achilles tendon.
  • There are certain risks which include, over lengthened tendon due to inadequate tension or muscular weakness due to prolonged immobilization of the calf muscles.
  • The patient is also recommended not to undertake any form of physical activity like running, jumping or carrying heavy weights.

Achilles tendon repair surgery in India

The greatest advantage of seeking medical care in India is the affordable Achilles tendon treatment (one eight of the cost in the United States). Furthermore, advance technology and infrastructure provide good quality of medical care services which is comparable to American standards. With the largest English speaking population in the world, India is one of the leadingmedical tourism destinations in the world.

Achilles tendon repair surgery in Mexico:

Mexico has few of the best JCI accredited hospitals in the world. Its proximity to the United States and low cost of medical care has resulted in an exponential rise in the number of medical tourists visiting the country from the United States.

Achilles tendon repair surgery in Turkey:

Rated as the best medical tourism hub in the region, by the World Bank, Turkey has made a deep impact in the international medical tourism market. Turkey’s advantage includes its quality of care, which is at par with the European standards, highly qualified and trained staff and affordable tendon Achilles treatment. The infrastructure is constantly being upgraded, as Turkey attempts to enter the league of the European Union

Achilles tendon repair surgery in Jordan:

Estimates suggest that the medical tourism industry in Jordan is to reach the $1 billion mark by the end of 2010. This clearly reiterates the fact, that Jordan is one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the world due to its competitive pricing and robust medical care infrastructure

Achilles tendon repair surgery in South Korea:

Statistics suggest that the medical tourism industry in South Korea is growing exponentially, showing a growth rate of more than 50% annually. The country focuses specially on oncology, however its high quality of care, extremely low cost of Achilles tendon repair surgery and technological advances have given it an advantage over other countries in the region

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