5 Surprising Things which could make You Obese

You have been watching what goes into your mouth. You have been regular with your workouts. Yet, you find yourself piling on extra pounds.

Bad dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle are just a tip of the ice-berg. There are a number of things which you do not even remotely associate with weight gain that could be adding inches to your frame.

Take a look at this video which enlists some of the surprising reasons which could be making you overweight:



Video Transcript:

#Common Cold

#Light Exposure at Night

#Low Protein Diet

#Plastic Packaging

#Artificial Sweetener

Do you find anything common between them?


Let’s have a look.

#1 Common Cold

Adenovirus – 36 (AD-36), a virus that causes common cold makes fat cells multiply.

Result – Weight Gain

#2 Light Exposure at Night

It disrupts biological clock.

It affects metabolism and causes weight gain.

In a research study, mice exposed to night-light shifted their feeding timings.

They gained weight despite not consuming more calories.


Because disrupted biological clock reduces metabolism-aiding hormones.

Cut light exposure at night:

  • Block street light
  • Use sleep masks
  • Avoid TV and computers in bedroom

#3 Eat Your Protein!

We have a string appetite for protein.

Instinctively, we eat more to make up for more protein levels. Hence, a low protein diet results in more calorie consumption.

Additional reasons to eat protein:

  • It keeps you full for longer
  • And you can eat your fill without gaining inches

#4 Plastic Packaging

Can common plastic food packaging material make you overweight?


It contains endocrine disrupting chemicals that may add to your weight.

One such culprit – Bisphenol – A (also known as BPA)

It is commonly used in lining food and beverage containers.

It leaches into the body and increases the production of fat cells.

#5 Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners promote weight gain by:

– Stimulating hunger

– Increasing carb cravings

– Promoting fat storage

These sweeteners fool your body into thinking it is going to get sugar.

And when it doesn’t get sugar, it craves for more carbohydrates, which means you eat more.

Result – Extra Pounds


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