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Weight Loss Doctor in Costa Rica

The video shows a top weight loss doctor from Costa Rica discussing the medical schools he studied at. He also shares the experience he has gathered over time in conducting weight loss surgeries in Costa Rica catering both to domestic and medical tourists from abroad. By handling huge numbers of patients, weight loss doctors in Costa Rica have perfected an expertise in bariatric surgery.

Following is the video narration:

“I’m a general surgeon; I did my medicine training in Columbia, South America. Then, I did my training in general surgery here, Costa Rica. And then I did my fellowship in Spain in bariatric surgery and…

I did my training in Barcelona at Clinica Teknon – a fellow in bariatric surgery with doctor Carlos Ballesta – one of the pioneers in bariatric surgery in Europe and also the ex-president of the bariatric surgery of…And I’m a member of seven organizations like the AFMBS, IFSO – International Federation for Surgery of Obesity, SAGES and some several other societies from Latin America for bariatric and general surgeries…

I’ve been teaching several courses around and different countries like Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Columbia and I’ve been attending every single year in different areas in the US, Spain, France and I’ve been training also there.

With most of the…of the surgeries, we kinda start with a lap band surgeries and also sleeve gastrectomies, mini gastric bypass, gastric bypass to a duodenal switch. We have patients from many many places; we can talk about England, Spain, Canada, we have lots of patients from Canada, from US – I have patients from east, west or middle of the US and also we have patients from Cental America, we have a center of reference from many places from Central America and South America. We also have patients from Caribbean…all of them, they follow up by Internet”

In another video, this Costa Rican bariatric surgeon advises on which weight loss surgery is best for you.

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