In this video, a renowned tooth implant surgeon from Turkey talks about his education and experience.

The surgeon is a professor at the University of Genoa, Italy, and specializes in dental implants and dental lasers in Turkey. He discusses the early and immediate loading of dental implants and the time taken in the healing process.

Check out the video where the dental expert discusses dental implants as a solution for missing teeth.

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Implantologist in Turkey

“I am dental surgeon and specialized in dental implants.  I was graduate from university of Istanbul, dental school. Then I was the first to be the research assistant in New born Implantology department at that time and while I was getting my training in Turkey, I got a scholarship and I went to Italy at the university of padova.

I spent two years with a scholarship and I was in … integration center in Treiso, northern part of the Italy. At that time, I got my training on ……. Implants which is a leading brand of dental implants.

Then I return in Turkey. I was a research assistant in university.  Since 2002, I am private practitioner and in 2003 I also got an academic title which correspond to do assistant professor… Of terminology.

Last year I also got master of science degree from university of hahn, Germany  on dental lasers, so last year I am also concentrating on dental lasers and involved with dental Implantology and for the year 2011, I am professor in university of Genoa, Italy on the master degree course on dental lasers.

As u know dental implants is a best solution to avoid missing tooth.  We are placing plenty implants in a year in different race with commotional loading times and early loading which we are doing very often. It means this loading time needs one month of healing period. And last four years we are using also immediate loading.

To bad candidates of immediate implant we should put short implants but depends on the cases also. In cases where we have to place short implants but plenty implants …if u are able to increase the number of implants… Also at places where we constrict to place short implants we place immediate implants. So mechanical rules guide us on decisions.

And in many cases we are able to place implants and immediate loading. Immediate implantation or immediate loading. The patient, after losing his tooth the same day, can achieve a new tooth.”

The surgeon in the video talks about the solution for bad candidates of dental implants, such as short implants.  He also talks about placing of immediate implants in place of short implants in some cases. Therefore, a patient can achieve a new tooth on the same day as losing it with the help of immediate implants.

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