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Thyroidectomy Surgery Abroad

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International Destinations: India, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, Jordan

Thyroidectomy Surgery Abroad is cost-effective, time saving and administered at accredited hospitals and by experienced surgeons. India and Mexico are leading world medical travel destinations which offer Thyroidectomy Surgery to patients traveling from overseas. In the US, a Thyroid Surgery can cost anywhere from $11,500 – $25,000. The same is greatly reduced when it is undertaken abroad. In addition to reducing costs, a Thyroidectomy Surgery Abroad is also a great option when the patients do not want to be a part of a long waiting list or when they find that medical facilities in their own country are not up-to-mark.

Before and After Thyroid Surgery

On this page, the Thyroidectomy process has been detailed, complete with information on the procedures, recovery time, complications and a brief note on Thyroidectomy Surgery Abroad with special emphasis on India and Mexico.

Thyroidectomy Surgery, or simply Thyroidectomy, is the removal of all or part of the thyroid glans. A butterfly shaped gland located at the back of the neck, the thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate every aspect of an individual’s metabolism, right from heart rate to how quickly one burns calories. A Thyroidectomy is advised when one of the following conditions is found in a person:

  • Cancer
  • Non-cancerous enlargement of the thyroid (Goiter)
  • Overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism)

In addition, a Thyroidectomy might also be undertaken for cosmetic reasons.

How much of the thyroid gland is removed during surgery depends on the reason for which the surgical procedure was first advised.

Thyroidectomy Surgery – Main Steps Involved

The following are the main steps involved in a Thyroidectomy Surgery procedure:

  • Exposure – A horizontal neck incision is made, flap muscles are raised and strap muscles are divided.
  • Identification of essential structures – Recurrent and extension branch of superior laryngeal nerve, parathyroid glands
  • Devascularization
  • Resection – The actual removal of the thyroid gland
  • Exploration of other pathology like the contralateral lobe, lymph nodes, etc.
  • Closure of the incision

Types of Thyroidectomy

Before a dentist advises an all on four implants surgery, the following cases have to be ruled out:

  • Total Thyroidectomy or the Complete Removal of the Thyroid – This is the most common type of Thyroid Surgery and most often used for thyroid cancer. In particular, it is advised for aggressive cancers, such as medullary or anaplastic thyroid cancer. It is also used for goiter and Graves’ hyperthyroidism treatment. Post a complete removal of the thyroid gland, the patient has to be on constant medication and daily treatment is needed to keep the body’s thyroid needs fulfilled.
  • Partial Thyroidectomy or Removal of Half of the Thyroid Gland – Also known as Subtotal Thyroidectomy, this operation is generally advised for removal of small and non-aggressive cancer and is contained to one side of the gland. After a partial thyroidectomy, the patient’s thyroid gland is able to function naturally and normally.
  • Thyroid Lobectomy or Removal of Only About a Quarter of the Gland – A less used approach, this type of Thyroidectomy is advised for very small and non-aggressive cancers as well as in the case of not very severe hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. The gland resumes normal functioning post surgery.

Thyroidectomy Surgery Procedure – In a Nutshell

In most cases, a Thyroid Surgery is not highly complicated and takes a maximum of two hours. Removal of half of the gland or a Partial Thyroidectomy takes somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour and in the case of a Total Thyroidectomy, the surgery will last an hour and a half or two hours. The patient is generally asked to check into the hospital some hours prior to the surgery and eating and drinking after midnight, the night before surgery, is strongly discouraged.

Whether the surgery will be an inpatient or outpatient one depends on the patient’s condition. An overnight or two day hospital stay maybe required for some patients, while some others may be discharged almost immediately. Outpatient Thyroid Surgery is becoming increasingly popular as it is safe, effective and saves much time. Also, it is less expensive as the hospital stay costs are reduced.

Mostly performed under general anesthesia for quite sometime, Thyroidectomy is now being performed more under local anesthesia. This offers benefits such as shorter hospital stay, shorter surgery time and less vomiting and nausea post surgery. Along with local anesthesia for the thyroid area, the patient is also provided with a mild sedative to help him remain calm during the procedure.

Most patients and doctors, however, still prefer using general anesthesia.

Thyroidectomy Surgery Procedure Types

Traditional Thyroidectomy Surgery – In this procedure, the surgeon makes a 3 to 5 inch incision across the base of the patient’s neck in the front. The skin and muscles are pulled back to expose the thyroid gland. The incision is usually made so that it falls in the fold of the patient’s skin, making it less noticeable. Blood supply to the gland is tied off and the parathyroid glands are identified, so that they can be properly protected. The surgeon then separates the trachea from the thyroid, and removes all or part of the gland.

Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Surgery – Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery is quite new and involves using a small magnifying camera which is inserted into the neck via a small incision. Carbon dioxide is pumped into the neck area to help the surgeon see the area easily and perform the surgery. A second small incision is made, and a thin tube with a scalpel-like edge is inserted. This tube is the surgical tool that is used to remove the thyroid. Endoscopic surgery, because it involves two small scars of less than one inch, usually leaves less visible scarring, and allows a quicker return to normal activity.

Post surgery, the patient remains under observation in the hospital for around 6 hours. Depending upon the requirement, however, the patient may be asked to stay overnight.

Thyroidectomy Surgery Recovery

A safe procedure, a Thyroid Surgery generally has no complications or side effect, apart from some swelling and discomfort that is which are expected after any surgery procedure. Pain and stiffness of the neck are also common during the recovery period, which can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks. During the recovery period, difficulty while speaking, hoarse voice, an irritated windpipe, difficulty in swallowing and neck tenderness are common. It is important to follow the medication and check up schedules prepared by the doctor to ensure quick and complete recovery.

Any abnormal happenings or great pain and discomfort should be immediately reported to the doctor. Although the patient can return to normal activity a mere few days after the Thyroidectomy Surgery, neck tenderness, voice troubles, etc., can last up-to 3 months.

Thyroidectomy Surgery Complications and Side Effects

Although Thyroidectomy is a safe procedure with minimal risks involved, there are some complications and side effects which might arise during the surgery procedure or a day or two after the surgery. Some common ones are:

  • Bleeding
  • Airway obstruction caused by bleeding
  • Permanent hoarse or weak voice due to nerve damage
  • Damage to the four small glands located behind the thyroid gland
  • Numbness and tingling feeling around lips, hands, and the bottom of your feet
  • Muscle cramps and spasms
  • Bad headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Thyroidectomy Surgery Cost and Thyroidectomy Abroad

The total cost of a Thyroidectomy Surgery depends on a lot of factors including type of procedure required, days of hospital stay required, types of pre and post surgery medication prescribed, insurance cover, etc. What your insurance looks like would be the determining factor on how much would actually be going out of your pocket for the surgery procedure. Needless to say, if your insurance has run out, you will be paying for the complete surgery which might make it a much costly affair.

In such a scenario getting a Thyroidectomy Surgery Overseas emerges as the best option. Medical tourism destinations India and Mexico offer low cost Thyroidectomy, which is undertaken at state-of-the-art accredited hospitals and performed by qualified surgeon, most of who have trained at international locations. Also, the surgeries are performed at virtually zero wait time.

Thyroidectomy Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is a leading medical tourism destination, especially for patients from the US and Canada. Low cost medical treatments and surgeries are performed at Mexican states like Tijuana and Monterrey, at world class medical centers. Thyroidectomy Surgery in Mexico, in addition to costing a fraction of what it would cost in the US, Canada and Europe, is performed without any wait time and by using state-of-the-art medical facilities.

American patients in particular prefer Mexico for treatments because of the country’s proximity to the US. Short flights of a little over an hour connect San Antonio and Dallas with Monterrey and Tijuana. Additionally, patients can choose to simply drive down to their preferred medical destination or take pick a bus service which connects US and Mexico well. Also, Monterrey has an international airport which connects it well to the world.

Also an attractive holiday destination, Mexico offers many interesting sights and tourist activities for people from all around the globe. Patients traveling to Mexico for a Thyroidectomy Surgery or any other medical treatment can turn their visit into a complete vacation.

Thyroidectomy Surgery India

Offering medical treatments ranging from Joint Replacements and Dental Surgeries to Gynecology to General Medicine and Surgery, India has emerged as a strong and preferred medical travel destination for patients from the US, UK and Canada. Thyroidectomy Surgery offered in India is performed at accredited hospitals, by surgeons who are experienced and well qualified and most of who have trained and gained experience at international institutions. All treatments and procedures are carried out using the very latest technologically advanced diagnostic equipment.

A Thyroidectomy Surgery in India costs much less than what it would cost in the US, Canada or Europe. In addition to very low costs, even when the airfare and stay are included, and increasingly top class medical care, a big factor which draws Europeans, Canadians and Americans to India and Indian hospitals is the no or very marginal wait time. India is well connected by flights with the rest of the world and various metropolitans of the country have international airports.

Like Mexico, India is also a much sought after tourist destination and offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Many interesting activities and sights are offered by the country for tourists from everywhere. Patients can choose to turn their medical visit into a full blown vacation and relish some holiday moments before going back home.

Before deciding on a destination for getting a Thyroidectomy Surgery Abroad, thorough research is very important to ensure that the hospital, surgeon and destination one is picking is worth the time, effort and money involved and the choice is not something that one would end up regretting later.

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