Testimonial – Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Rosarito – Mexico

Here is the video testimonial of Christian StClaire who traveled all the way from Petaluma, California to undergo full mouth rehabilitation in Rosarito, Mexico. Terming his overall experience having full mouth reconstruction in Mexico as first class, Christian is glad with his decision of traveling south of the border for his dental work.



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Video Transcription:

Christian StClaire. Well I am a native of Belgium-France. And I do live in Petaluma, California. And basically I came here for consultation. Booked myself, I committed. To be honest with you, my dental health degraded to a point in San Francisco I had all metal removed from my mouth.  All metal, most of it – 99%. So basically, a lot of things in one day. Came home with a bagful of teeth and I showed my son  – what have you done. I don’t want this…But we’ve been quite busy and always delaying, delaying, delaying. And it was like I said close to the border.

My friend John said – go to Mexico. Go get some teeth. My mouth has been rebuilt. I will have again the capacity for eating. When I came here I could only eat out of two teeth. Well, to be honest it was financial aspect. I committed last Tuesday. And unbelievable. They gave me a room upstairs. Such a room, it’s a suite. It’s what you call a suite. Very clean. Very comfortable.

Everything is first class. I really, really enjoyed the stay. Everything is top class. What I really appreciated is how everyone worked together and this is a pleasure. These are young doctors that are top-notch. And the consultation overall – it’s beautiful. I see a lot of symbiosis going on in this place.

I used to be in Rosarito many years ago in the 70s. I would come here, have lobsters, and when I came here this time it was a bit too busy. I like to be off the beaten path. So I moved on to Puerto Nuevo. I took the special machine in my car to sail away. And I took two evening trips, discovered the beautiful views on the road, and spent some quality time with little kids in Rosarito.

Christian’s full mouth rehab was carried out at Dr. Avila’s Dental Group in Rosarito, Baja California.

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