Ozone for Herniated Disc Discussed by Tijuana Ortho Surgeon

Watch a leading spine specialist practicing in Tijuana – Mexico talk about ozone discolysis. Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez is a highly experienced bone and joint specialist in Mexico with a successful track record of about one thousand patients treated over 30 years.

In the above video, Dr. Mora describes the nature of ozone – an unstable allotropic element derived from oxygen. Consisting of three atoms of oxygen instead of the usual two in an oxygen molecule, ozone is known to produce a number of chemical changes in the tissue it comes in contact with.

It dehydrates the nucleus pulposus of the affected disc, thereby shrinking it. The surgeon adds that when the disc shrinks, it releases pressure off the compressed root nerve affected by the hernia. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects also help get relief from the condition. It takes about two weeks to realize the effects of ozone injection. It is an ambulatory procedure which requires the patient to stay in the surgery center for only two hours after the procedure.

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