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Osteoarthritis Treatment in Mexico

The doctor, in this video, discusses the treatment for osteoarthritis at his hospital in Mexico. This Mexicali orthopedic surgeon can easily converse in English and he has been treating foreign patients for quite sometime now.

Watch the below video:

Video Transcription:

“Knee arthirits also comes in different ways but mostly people over 60 years old have a lot of pain and some deviation of their angle–the weight-bearing ones and need total knee replacement.

“We use here the lens technology on implants and also on the implants. That means that the prosthesis that we’re using are being used in all around the world and are the best quality.

“We have been treating patients from Canada and the United States that have come here during this proces of investigation of where we work and what we do. We have patients from Los Angeles, … and some other places in Canda also.”

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