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Minimal Access Lung Cancer Treatment


Medical patients from the western world who are exploring countries where lung cancer treatment is offered at pocket friendly prices, don’t have to wait more as exceptional quality lung cancer surgery in India is offered at reasonable rates, that too, without any further delay in surgery appointments. Check out the video in which a surgeon from India speaks about his experience.

Following is the video narration.

Education and experience in minimal access surgery

“I am MS trained in surgical oncology from the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India.

“I was trained with Dr. Manjeet Bains who is a thoracic surgeon at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center which is located in New York and it’s no. 1 or no.2 cancer center depending upon on the year in the United States. And also I trained with Dr. Fujita who is senior surgeon, trained in oesophageal malignancies at the Kurume Medical University in Japan, which is ………That was my international exposure.

“I have also presented a lot of papers in international conferences. There are 19 publications in various international and national journals, in my name. I was part of various studies, various clinical research.

“I am basically interested in minimal access surgical oncology which is a new and upcoming field. This involves doing cancer surgeries via laparoscopic technique, which means basically by the keyhole kind of technique. So what…..called as “keyhole”. So the advantages of this procedure are obvious. Basically there is less pain, less morbidity, the long incisions that are associated with cancer surgeries are not there and the patient has an equivalent result as compared to the conventional techniques that are there.

“We are particularly interested in colorectal and gynecological malignancies here, doing that by the minimal access technique, which is one of the important areas of development. The second thing we are interested in are thoracic malignancies which is operation of the lung and the food pipe which is the oesophagus, which is done. That is also something that we are well trained for.”

Lung Cancer Therapy in India

“We have had patients from almost all over the globe. So to say we have had patients coming from the African continent in large numbers, from the middle-east, we have had patients coming from the UK and a few patients coming from the US as well.

“The infrastructure as compared to any place in the developed world is equivalent. I feel we match the standards and that goes without saying because we have JCI accreditation. So JCI accreditation does makes it mandatory for something to be of same standard everywhere in the world so I think there is no difference as far as the care, as far as the equipment that is available. Whether it is in the India or in the US.”

In the video, the Lung cancer surgeon from India shares his experience in the field of Minimal access lung cancer therapy in India. His basic medical interest is laparoscopic lung cancer surgery. Furthermore, he discusses its advantages. Apart from discusses lung cancer surgery options in India, he talks about his education too.

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