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Mexico Eye Specialist (Lasik Eye Surgeon)

This video shows a top ophthalmologist – Dr. David Castillejos Rios – from Tijuana, Mexico talking about various eye procedures he specializes in.

“I’m an ophthalmologist, with certifications in the US, Canada and Mexico. I have speciality trainings in both in …segments such as, LASIK…also training for speciality training in retina surgery, Vitrectomy, retinal detachment repair. We do many many many cataracts in a week and we do many many LASIKS every week. The equipment that we have in our clinic in Tijuana, our institute – an ophthalmological institute is state-of-the-art and top of the line. We use the VISX machine for laser vision correction like LASIK and for cataracts we use the ALCON machine, we use the Infinity and the latest in and in every aspect we try to be at the cutting edge. We use …technology available.”

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