Mexican Urologist – Dr. Andre Hernandez Porras From Tijuana

Watch Dr. Andres Hernandez Porras, a well known urologist in Tijuana, Mexico talk about his education, experience and international clients in this video.



 Video Transcription

“Hello, I’m Andres Hernandez Porras, I’m a Urologist from Tijuana, Mexico. I studied here in… California my general and physician training. After that I went to Mexico City to study Urology in Hospital de Especial Centro Medico La Raza. My Laparoscopy is 2004; that was my first course and then I took some specialized courses in UCI, Irvine; that was a Mini Residency Course about the constructive surgery and robotic surgery. And after that I’ve been an observer in different countries and hospitals as Venezuela, Caracas Venezuela, La Floresta and then… I’m still going to USC in Los Angeles and Norris Cancer Institute to learn some new techniques in … surgery and advanced cancer surgery. Yes, I’ve been professor in several meetings, actually I’ve attended as professor or speaker in international meetings like the United States, like Columbia, like Venezuela and this week I will have a talk at the SIU meeting; it will be in Australia at Melbourne. It will be about Radical Cystectomy, it is a treatment for bladder cancer.

Just 2 years ago, I started with a TV show, it is a radio and TV show; it is transmitted on cable TV and by internet. Most of my patients come for the urinary stones treatment, prostate enlargement and prostate cancer; the laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and the partial nephrectomy; that is the treatment for just.. the partial nephrectomy is a treatment for the kidney cancer but we remove just the cancer and this has been .. show that.. have.. we can have same results as we would take the kidney out. The equipment that I use for the endoscopy; it’s an ACMI; that’s for the bladder endoscopy.

For the kidney endoscopy or the urethral endoscopy I use the store’s equipment, I use the store’s instruments and for laparoscopic I use the …instruments, the client instruments for partial nephrectomies. I use the Microline instruments too and the Aesculap instruments. My needle holders are from Aesculap in stores. Those brands come from United States and Germany. It’s the same brand; those brands are very famous so they.. those brands are used in a lot of parts of the world including the United States. Because our surgery is very demanding in some aspects, we have to have the patient in a safety (safe) environment. We always have the surgery or program the surgery in well known hospitals; you can check them by internet. Always the patient knows where they will be treated before the surgery is taken so that way the patient has.. the patient is very comfortable about the cleanliness and the safety of that hospital and sometimes they have some questions about that, we can answer directly what they want to know or if we can answer, we direct the patient to the hospital.

About 25% of my patients come from United States and most of them come from Los Angeles and the upper part of California like Sacramento and San Francisco. I have patients from Canada, from England and Scotland right now and all of them come for cancer treatment; they are doing ok. I have treated; 3 months ago, a patient from Australia came with a cancer.. a bladder cancer. And a patient from Germany; at the beginning of this year I treated a patient, a prostate cancer patient from Germany.”

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