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Medical Tourism in Jordan – Interview of

May Abu Hamdia – CEO HCAC

Kingdom of Jordan is ranked as the leader in Medical Tourism in the Arab World. Below is an interview with the CEO of HCAC (not for profit organizationHealthcare Accreditation Council based in Amman, Jordan), May Abu Hamdia, in which she explains the standards which hospitals have to meet in order to receive accreditation from HCAC and why Jordan is an easy and preferable choice for medical travels looking for high quality treatments and state of the art medical facilities.

HCAC and Jordan Medical Tourism

The purpose of HCAC is to improve the quality and safety of healthcare services offered in Jordan. Hospitals and primary health care facilities are targeted and awarded a HCAC accreditation if they meet standards required by the organization’s 15 accreditation clusters divided into aspects of patient care. Patient and Family Rights and Continuity of Care are two of the 15 clusters of required standards.

An HCAC accreditation is awarded to hospitals and medical centers which provide patients with international treatment and clinical standards.

Jordan as the Hub of Medical Tourism in the Middle East

Jordan is today recognized as a leading country in the Middle East for medical travel and tourism. Majority of the doctors have studied, trained and practiced in hospitals in the US and UK, and are committed to bringing to their country the standards and environment which they have witnessed overseas.

Low crime rate, high security and tourist attractions make Jordan a safe and appealing country to visit. Also, English is the nation’s second language. All in all, Jordan offers a complete package to medical travelers from abroad.

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