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Los Algodones Dental Reviews – Conrad’s Story

Watch Conrad, who came all the way from Alaska, Canada reviewing dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“My Name is Conrad Starbuck. I came in from Alaska through a recommendation from another patient from Juno and he was satisfied with your work and recommended you. So, I have been coming here for several years and to continue, I suppose, the first thing, I noticed was that the organization of the office, which is unfamiliar to American dentist, I should say and then I was impressed with professionalism.

What surprised me the most was that the staff, dentist and the orthodontist are hard to please in the States, let me get this correct, in the sense that they will not reissue until they are totally satisfied with their work and in that sense, they are hard to please.

I’ve been in the chair a longer, didn’t expect it because of problems that were caused by American dentists, that they tried their best to correct. When they send me out of the doors and say, come back, if we have a problem, which is most likely to be heard in the United States and I can stress strongly, when you come here, you gonna walk out pleased, I guarantee you that and that to me is their general demeanor towards the patients and customers and there’s always a smile on their face, they are always professional to the utmost.

There is too much I can say about these people, I have been in this chair many a times, I have soft teeth and I don’t think I have an original tooth in my hair, I mean, I have been in this chair many a times and for many hours.

These people need to have a seminar to be put on by for other dentists on how to conduct a professional dental office in a proper manner. I really cannot say too much for these people. Far exceeded my expectations!

I expected some professionalism when I came here, I was astonished about how efficiently this office is run.

I did stay here, in Los Algodones, a couple of times and everything was fine. It’s quite comfortable.There were no complaints. I do stay in Yuma because they have a good crowd, and I kind of like an open crowd and lots of shopping.

But, I have come here with my wife, she was impressed. Yes, we did have a great time. I got out at noon, I think it was, and was looking for my tea and started chatting with some of the hawkers and they got extremely pushy and I got in conversation with few of them, had a few laughs and passed a few jokes.

The country and the food, the culture are absolute, it’s really quite an experience. I travel, I do travel, in Europe, extensively, and I do think that here, one of the most interesting people, comparable to the Scottish, which I love.

It’s kind of very wonderful people, very happy people, very helpful people and I am going to say, they are pushing the sky for the top-notch.

I will come here even if the costs were more, I really would, but the savings is astonishing! Absolutely astonishing and the people are talking to some of the other patients and all the source I hear are extremely good, about everything, I would say, also about the very reasonable prices, that it gives me the idea, that perhaps if you have your dental work done elsewhere, maybe you’ll be taken in a little bit because the prices here for the quality of work, that you get is far, far more than I expected.”

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