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Knee Surgery in India

Surgeon Video

Leading knee replacement surgeon from India talks about his education and experience. The surgeon has an experience of over 23 years. He is also among the faculty for joint replacement in many medical institutions.

Knee Surgeon – Video Narration

“I am a MS Orthopedics from Bombay University. I have been in practice from last 23 yrs. I practiced general orthopedics for the first 19 yrs of my life. For the last four and a half years I have been a joint replacement surgeon. I have been going all across the world attending meetings regarding joint replacement.

I have been an active faculty in the joint replacement scenario in India and I am one of the central people in the DPU institute which is funded by Johnson and Johnson. It is focused in joint replacement education in India. What we do here is basically joint replacement both primary and revision.”

Joints Revision Surgery

“Revision means redoing the joints done earlier once. We do knees, hips, shoulders and elbows and we have a vast experience in handling all sorts of complex joint problems.

In our country patients land up very late as it is so anybody doing large number of joints in our country is experienced by doing highly complex replacement and this is easily translated onto the revision scenario where complexity is the name of the game.

In the US, 80% of the surgeons do less than 25 joints a year. If you see our volumes in our hospital, I would be personally doing about 650 joints and our hospital would be doing 800 joints a year. So you can see that because the volume itself ensures that there are well fixed protocols in place which see that patient outcome are well achieved and good results are everyday featured in this hospital. I think joint replacement in my practice is offered only when the patient is fed up with all that he can try. I don’t think it should be the first line of treatment but it should be the last line of treatment.

After one has tried every modality of treatment including hydrocord injections, enzyme injections, tablets, exercise, whatever modality which is non-operative should be first tried failing which if there is such discomfort that day to day activity or what we call activities of daily living get hampered, then one should think about surgery.

In our hospitals, we have patients from large parts of the world. We have patients from the US, Canada. We have patients from Mexico. We have large group of patients coming from Nigeria, Eastern Africa, too patients coming from Eastern Asia up to Japan.”

The surgeon specializes in joint replacement surgeries, both – primary and revision surgery. When the surgery is done for the first time for a joint, it is called primary joint replacement surgery. Revision surgery is the redoing of a surgery which could be knee revision surgery, hip revision surgery or shoulder revision surgery. He explains that a joint replacement surgery is done when medication or exercises fail.

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