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Jordan Hospital – Amman

Jordan hospital was built in 1993, under Royal patronage and is one of the leaders in healthcare in the country. Holder of several international and national accreditations and recognitions, Jordan hospital is JCI accredited, while other recognitions include the King Abdullah II award for Excellence and much more.

Jordan Hospital Amman, Jordan

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Jordan Hospital Building - Amman

JCI Accredited Hospital - Jordan

Equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment, Jordan hospital boasts of one of the most qualified staff of doctors in the country. With a large number of them holding European qualifications, or American board approval, Jordan hospital even provides extremely competent nursing care, with nurses themselves being well trained in best institutions.

With a completely computerized billing system in place, Jordan hospital charges are ministry of health monitored, leaving no room for any over-charging or other errors. This also makes the treatment costs extremely low, particularly in light of the high level of quality and skill available at the hospital.

Medical Services Offered at Jordan Hospital, Jordan

In-patient and out-patient departments have their own pharmacies, allowing faster access to medication. Apart from this, Jordan hospital is also known for its highly skilled surgical department, others including medicine, pediatrics, radiology, neurosurgery, pediatric and neonatal surgery, urology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology and anesthesia and ICU and even a world-class laboratory.

The impressive qualifications of the hospital are supplemented by the initiatives taken by the Jordanian government in greatly improving medical tourism in the country. Jordan hospital itself attracts numerous medical tourists from around the world. Being a tourist hotspot has only worked in the benefit of Jordan, with many medical tourists coupling a well deserved vacation with their trip.

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