The INT Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, is a modern hospital that is well-equipped to provide advanced healthcare treatments to local as well as foreign patients.

The below video will give you an overview of the hospital:

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INT Hospital - Tijuana, Mexico

The hospital is located very close to the US-Mexico border— only 20 minutes drive from the San Diego, California Airport.

Highlights of INT Hospital

  • 4 well-equipped operating rooms
  • Most modern diagnostic and surgical tools
  • Neat and clean patient rooms
  • English speaking staff
  • Personal attention to patients
  • Stringent measures for sterilization
  • Highly qualified surgeons
  • Relaxing, reassuring environment

Many patients from the United States and Canada come to the INT hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, as the treatment costs are much lower and the services are at par with those in the healthcare systems of Mexico’s northern neighbors.

Treatments Offered

  • Weight-loss Surgery
  • Dialysis – Nephrology
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • General Surgery

By coming to INT Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, you can expect to save thousands of dollars on any of the above. Check out some pictures of INT Hospital, and you might just find a great alternative to your expensive clinic back home.

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