Hydrocelectomy Surgery cost: US $ 1,500 to $ 6,000
{the cost covers all destination, medical and logistics costs}
International Destinations: India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand

Hydrocelectomy involves the surgical removal/correction of a birth defect, in which there is an opening between the abdomen and the scrotum. This defect causes fluid collection around the testicle, and is called hydrocele, which is taken care of through a hydrocelectomy, also called the hydrocele surgery.

A hydrocele usually appears as a soft swelling in the membrane around the testes. Not usually painful, the hydrocele does not damage the testes and typically occurs on one side only.

A hydrocele is usually congenital, found in a large percentage (80% or more) of male children and in 1% of adult males over 40.

Hydrocelectomy Surgery: The Procedure

In a hydrocelectomy surgery, an incision is made to remover the built up liquid, then the sac tissue is turned inside out and reattached.

In another variant of the hydrocele operation procedure, the sac is completely removed, except for the portion of the sac which is directly attached to a testicle.

Depending upon your condition, the doctor will decide which procedure to follow.

Hydrocelectomy Abroad

Hydrocelectomy surgery costs are, more often than not, too high. Not everyone can afford to pay such high prices for a hydrocele operation. This where medical tourism comes into play.

These surgeries are undertaken at many foreign hospitals or medical tourism centers, which provide state of the art facilities, and operations are administered by surgeons who are experienced and highly trained.

A professional staff, well trained doctors and hygienic conditions, all come together to provide you with the best of services and facilities at low costs.

Hydrocelectomy in the US can cost anywhere from $10,000-$15,000. These rates are greatly reduced when you opt for a hydrocelectomy abroad, wherein, you can get the same medical procedure for $1500-$5000, and enjoy added perks like a longer hospital stay as well.

Hydrocelectomy Surgery in Mexico

Medical tourism centers in Mexico are probably one of the best, when a hydrocelectomy has to be performed.

Costing as low as $4500-$5000, hydrocele operations in Mexico are performed by well trained and experienced surgeons.

The staff is well versed and helpful, and hygiene is given the utmost importance.

Hydrocelectomy in India

In India, medical tourism centers perform hydrocelectomy surgeries for $1500-$2000. A team of trained, experienced and thoroughly professional doctors, undertakes successful performing and completion of this major surgery.

The centers are hygienic and the staff is well equipped. The facilities are state of the art and the equipment used is of the most advanced nature.

Hydrocele Operation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is fast emerging as an important destination for medical tourism. With experienced doctors and the very latest medical facilities, the centers here provide hydrocelectomy surgery at a low cost.

But, as is true with every other overseas center, low cost does not mean low quality.

Hydrocelectomy in Jordan and Turkey

Offering top notch medical facilities and following the latest of procedures, medical tourism centers in Jordan and Turkey provide hydrocelectomy surgery at costs which are much lower than you can find anywhere back home.

Doctors are all well versed in their fields of expertise and the hospitals are clean and hygienic. Hydrocele operation in Jordan and Turkey would definitely cost you a fraction of what it would in America.

Hydrocele Operation in Thailand and Malaysia

Thailand and Malaysia are fast developing destinations for medical tourism, which offer the best of facilities at very low costs.

The doctors and surgeons are well trained and well versed with the procedures involved in hydrocelectomy surgeries and the aftercare.

The country is renowned for offering some of the most high tech treatment equipment.

Which ever place you pick for your hydrocelectomy surgery abroad, ensure beforehand that the doctors are experienced and the hospital is worth your time and money. That out of the way, you can go right ahead!

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