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Hip Resurfacing & Open Discectomy for Herniated Disc in India – Testimonial

Testimonial of Clave Albert Brown, a US resident who traveled to India for micro endoscopic discectomy and hip resurfacing surgery.

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In this patient review video, Brown tells us that he had been suffering from back and hip pain for many years. He chose to have hip resurfacing and lumbar (open) microscopic discectomy in India as the prices for the same in the USA were way out of the range. Also, his insurance did not cover the surgeries as they considered his conditions pre-existing.

Here is a brief overview of his experience of undergoing hip and spine surgery in India.

  • It’s been a good experience, friendly doctors & staff
  • Experienced what I was expecting
  • Had two surgeries at the same time and healing good (micro endoscopic discectomy & hip resurfacing surgery)
  • It has worked as they said
  • I have visited many hospitals in the USA, this compares to any of them.
  • Found good cleanliness, modern equipment and quality
  • United States is pricing them self out of the market
  • Expenses are a lot less here
  • Paid only about 10% 20% of the American prices for micro endoscopic discectomy and hip resurfacing surgery in India.

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