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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico – Tiffany’s Review

Watch Tiffany reviewing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She traveled from Houston, Texas for her weight loss surgery trip to TJ.

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Video Transcription

” Hi I am Tiffany Rose and I’ve come here from Houston, Texas. I did a lot of research online and this have the best reviews. Everybody was very helpful when I reached out.I sp[oke to my coordinator multiple times and felt very comfortable coming here.

It was very cost effective. My husband and I wanted to do the surgery together and we couldn’t afford to do both. So, this was a great time for us to get away, umm come to a hospital where we can get our surgery together. We felt very comfortable with everyone we spoke to. 

Initially received a text from our driver telling us where she would pick us up. As soon as we get off the plane, we went to the exact location and she was there and she was very friendly. And it was very easy to get to the hospital and the hotel. She dropped us off at the front door and everything was great.

Dr. Lopez, was very gentle, very sweet. He was very informative. He made sure that we were comfortable. He asked if I had any doubts and if he can help me answer any questions. So, Dr.Lopez was great.

The facilities, Limarp Hospital is beautiful, better than we could have expected, very clean, very top of the line looks like a brand new facility. We were very comfortable here, much better than we had expected, absolutely! 

The staff here was amazing. Everybody was friendly, helpful, answered all of our questions, very attentive. so we would, for sure, recommend this to other people that are considering it.”

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