Dr. Said Abdul Azim Sharawi, Specialist, Internist and Gastro-Enterologist, Amman, Jordan

Full Name: Dr. Said Abdul Azim Sharawi

Professional Experience

Dr. Said Abdul Azim Sharawi specializes in Internist and Gastro-Enterologist.

1998-2007: Private Clinic at Specialty Hospital, Amman, Jordan

1983-1998: Private Clinic in Jabal Al-Hussein, Amman, Jordan

1980-1982: Al-Bashir Hospital, Ministry of Health, Jordan

Educational Qualifications

1980: Facharzt, Internal Medicine, Hanover, Germany

1974: B.Sc. Medicine, University of Munich, Germany 

1962: GCE, London, College de la Salle, Les, Freses, Jerusalem

Training and Development

Endoscopic procedures in Gastro Enterology with ultrasound since 1975

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

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